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Explore the theme of love in Romeo and Juliet.

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Coursework 7/8/08 Explore the Theme of Love in Romeo and Juliet In this essay I am going to look at the different ways in which Shakespeare expresses love in his play "Romeo and Juliet". There are many different types of love, for example, our love to our family, our friends and even our possessions. Shakespeare conveys many of these types of love in his play. We see paternal and maternal love from both surrogate and birth parents; we see brotherly love between real brothers; we see real love between friends; we see lust and infatuation and we see love at first sight. Although the word love is often misused there certainly is no one meaning of love. The misuse of the word love is apparent from the beginning with Romeo claiming to be in love with Roseline. He uses the word love without even meeting Roseline. This suggests that what he thinks is love may just be sexual attraction and lust. ...read more.


But being the pragmatic women she is, she lacks in the understanding that two people can care so much about each other. She lacks understanding of the spiritual part of a loving relationship, and being bawdy as ever, the nurse cracks a sexual joke. "No less! Nay, bigger; women grow by men" Mercutio's attitude to romantic love is very similar in the way that he does not take love seriously. He makes jokes about romantic love and Roseline's appearance in an attempt to trigger reactions from Romeo, "By her fine foot, straight leg and quivering thigh And the demesnes that there adjacent lie," Sampson and Gregory also joke about sex, and what they would do in contact with women from the Montague household, "and thrust his maids to the wall" This shows a lack of respect for women from the two men. They say they would kill Montague men and then rape the women. Although this does not show their attitude toward romantic love it does show the lack of respect. ...read more.


Throughout the majority of the play Juliet sees the nurse as someone she can confide in with her deepest secrets. However, the nurse lacks understanding of certain spiritual qualities of romantic love and advises Juliet to indeed marry Paris. "I think it best you marry with the County" This is the point where Juliet loses all respect and trust in the nurse and does not confide in her again and although Juliet is a wise young women her lack of someone to confide in leaves her alone to make many difficult decisions. Shakespeare conveys many different types of love in his play "Romeo and Juliet". Some he conveys as much more important types of love. The main theme of the play was the romantic love between Romeo and Juliet and the fact about fate bringing them together. He uses the sonnet as a way to show how they could be star crossed lovers because their lines cross to form the sonnet. But there are other types of love such as dutiful love that Juliet has for her parents which Juliet does not prioritise over the romantic love and spiritual connection that she obviously has with Romeo. ...read more.

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