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Explore the ways in which Coleridge and Crabbe present the themes of justice, isolation, retribution and the supernatural in their poems.

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Explore the ways in which Coleridge and Crabbe present the themes of justice, isolation, retribution and the supernatural in their poems Both the Rhyme Of The Ancient Mariner and Peter Grimes appear similar in many ways. Coleridge wrote his poem long before Crabbe wrote Peter Grimes and this could explain some of the similarities. It is almost certain, that to an extent, Crabbe has used some of Coleridge's ideas in T.R.O.T.A.M in his poem Peter Grimes to appeal to the audience he was writing for. T.R.O.T.A.M was based on a dream that Coleridge had. It was written for commercial success and therefore has many religious and spiritual references such as the characters the hermit and the spirits. It also has a moral, as at the time morals were extremely important in life as the belief was that god and the spirits decided your fate. So in order for the poem to be popular, it had to contain a religious element and a moral. Crabbe has also used many religious references in Peter Grimes, for example there is a priest and spirits like in T.R.O.T.A.M. ...read more.


"At the same times the same dull views to see" This also makes the reader feel trapped and although there is no escape from the repetitiveness of the deserted mud surrounding him. It crates the feeling of loneliness very well as it makes it seem there is nothing to save him from his fate. In T.R.O.T.A.M there are many references to "slimy". Firstly in line 235 it mentions "slimy things" as a negative it says; "The very deeps did rot: O Christ! That ever this should be! Yea, slimy things did crawl with legs Upon the slimy Sea." "The many men so beautiful And they all dead did lie! And a million million slimy things Liv'd on -- and so did I." This part shows the slimy things as being evil, horrible and disgusting. Then later in the poem the description of the slimy thing turns into a positive as when he blesses them it saves him from his ghastly fate. This is also another religious reference as it includes spirits and gothic description. ...read more.


Both poets use the same writing techniques and imagery like alliteration for example: "The breezes blew, the white foam flew, The furrow follow'd free" "bellowing boom" There is also a lot of repetition of words in the poems such as : "Water, water every where And all the boards did shrink; Water, water every where, Ne any drop to drink." So the same sort of writing techniques are used in both poems to presents the themes of isolation, injustice, retribution and the supernatural, which is why on first thought, these poems are awfully similar. However when looked at closely, there are many important differences in the styles that both poets write in to present the themes in their own individual way. Both poems are very successful at using the description and imagery to give the feeling of isolation, retribution, injustice and the supernatural. They both tell stories, but again using different styles. T.R.O.T.A.M contains more direct speech than Peter Grimes, which is a narrative poem. These are the main ways in which each poet has produced an original poem on the themes of isolation, retribution, injustice and the supernatural. Eleanor Harrison 10N ...read more.

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