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Explore the ways in which Kate Chopin treats the subject of death in the 'Story of an hour', 'At Cheniere Caminada' and 'The Blind Man'.

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Explore the ways in which Kate Chopin treats the subject of death in the 'Story of an hour', 'At Cheniere Caminada' and 'The Blind Man'. The same author wrote all three of the following poems, therefore we can expect there to be contradictions between the poems. If we look at the similarities between the blind man and Tonie from Cheniere Caminada we see that these two characters in the poems are lower casts of society. In the blind mans case it's his physical disability, which puts him in his situation, and in Tonie's case he was just put into that situation of being a fisherman. Both of the two characters are loners because Tonie seems to be very shy and minds his own business and again due to the Blind mans physical disability he is very much alone in society. In both poems we are led to believe that these two characters were potentially going to be killed. ...read more.


We also find out that his father and brother have died in their line of work so if Tonie isn't careful any sort of mistake could lead to his death. And finally when the girl suggests to Tonie to go for a boat ride together; Tonie had wished that instead of letting her go off into the distance that he had grabbed her and leapt off the boat only to drown with her; the result of death from this would have been because of Tonie's greediness of her. So if he couldn't have her no man could. Which does set up a line for a death to occur. In 'The Story of an Hour' and Cheniere Caminada' when Tonie begins to find positive points to the girls death, it can be rather merciless in both readers and the story characters eyes. But when we see the reasons why it is possible to understand his point, whereas because she has a high status in society and Tonie seems ...read more.


In Cheniere Caminada when Mrs Mallard has known for a while that her husband in supposedly dead, in her eyes that gives her a chance for a new life; She can now do all the things that a honest wife with a good name couldn't. Mrs Mallard is building up all the ideas in her head of all the freedom that she has. But when we discover that in fact her husband is alive and well and in fact he was nowhere near the supposed accident happened. She has had her new life snatched away from her and the one that she previously had. All of the deaths in these stories were all unexpected deaths. Both the readers and the characters are lead to believe that it would be the lower class people dieing or that some one has already died. But as the stories go on the course of the story changes and the people whom were least expected to die where in fact the ones ending up dead. Jonathan Suleyman - 1 - English ...read more.

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