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Explore the ways in which Mc Ewan presents obsession in Enduring love.

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Siscee Charles Explore the ways in which Mc Ewan presents obsession in Enduring love Jed Parry is not the only obsessive character in Enduring Love, Mc Ewan is also interested in the obsessions of Joe and Clarissa. Parry is obsessed with Joe. His obsession emerges shortly after the death of John Logan. His first obscene encounter with Joe is when he sees him standing in the field of the scene of accident, in front of Logan's body. "He stood with his hands resting on his hips staring not at Logan, but at me." This evidently tells us as readers that Parry's obsession with Joe begins here in front of the mutilated body which he pays no attention to. Instead he is in a way sussing out Joe and taking a deeper interest into him. Joe on the other hand is obsessed with Science but with Parry at the same time. "The rationalist cracks at last!" Clarissa uses the term "rationalist" to reflect Joe's personality and the ways in which he is dedicated to Science. We can also tell that Joe is obsessed with Science because he mixes Science with his personal life. ...read more.


This helps readers to piece together missing parts of the jigsaw, giving them a full view of each of the characters obsessions. Another familiar technique used to present characters is when he shows characters repeating or having flash backs on encountered events. "I recall me incoherent feelings the day before when I had run out into St. James square looking for Parry. Then he represented the unknown, into which I projected all kinds of inarticulate terrors. Now I consider him to be a confused and eccentric young man who couldn't look me in the eye," This technique is useful in showing readers how characters tend to play things back in their mind to try and make sense of them to perhaps set their mind at ease. One other strategy Mc Ewan uses is leading the reader into a situation then when the reader becomes accustom and in a way trusts and believes the character, he gives them a reality check. This results in the reader questioning them self on how much they really believe the character. "His writing looks rather like yours" here we can see that Clarissa is not totally convinced that Parry is stalking Joe, she is implying that he may have written the letters himself. ...read more.


At first we thought that he had some kind of religious love for Joe but later on our minds changed to thinking he may be gay. "I praise God that he has sent me to you. I know there is difficulty and pain ahead of us, and in the long run it will bring us to even greater joy." This is an example of an understandably religious love we thought Parry had for Joe in the early scenes f the story. As his love grew greater for Joe we had to reconsider whether this was true or not. "I closed my eyes and see you as you were last night, in the rain across from me, with the unspoken love between us as strong as a steel cable." I also think that Mc Ewan is successful in drawing the reader's attention towards the obsessions in the book. He connects each part of the book with the use of words that equal similar meanings e.g.: crack and broken. This triggers recent scenes in the readers mind, reminding them of previous events. The reason why he may be doing this may be to help the reader remember important parts of the story which link up to obsessions between characters and may be also justifies certain parts of their personality. ...read more.

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