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Explore the ways in which Miller makes use of places in the play - A View for the Bridge.

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Explore the ways in which Miller makes use of places in the play In the play, I think that the title 'A View from the Bridge' describes the main point of the play. The title is symbolic, which is one of Miller's main techniques. Metaphorically, I think the title stands for the divide between different cultures and ideas in the play. Its literal meaning is that Miller was writing about a real place, the bridge is Brooklyn Bridge. Brooklyn Bridge divides Brooklyn and Manhattan. All through the play, it is all the things about Brooklyn versus all the things about Manhattan. I get the impression that Brooklyn represents poverty, immigration and Manhattan represents wealth, American values, and change, and Eddie, Beatrice, and Catherine represent the poor conditions of people in America. Alferi represents the tradition of law based on Greek tragedy, he is also the chorus in the play, which means he has the view from the bridge, he can see everything that is going on, but he cannot do anything about it. "As he sat there as powerless as I, and watched it run it's bloody course.'' Miller links different places in the play with different character's points of views, showing how much or how little power each character has. ...read more.


"He's gonna come here and apologize.'' " I want my respect!" He is aware that Catherine is developing into a young lady and she is becoming physically attractive. "I could tell you things about Louis which you wouldn't wave to him no more." This is ironic as Eddie goes on about how Catherine is "walking wavy", He does not like the idea of Catherine turning into a young woman and moving on with her life so he makes her feel like she is doing wrong, and treats her like a child. Eddie only does this in his flat where he has power over Catherine. The street symbolises Eddie's loss of power that is why he can be confronted on the street more than in his flat. The street also symbolises American culture and Sicilian justice mixed together. In the street he is not the important man he wants to be, he does not have control over Catherine. Things that dared not be to mention in the flat as it represents Eddie's point of view can be said in the street. The street is were Eddies power lacks you can see this by the questions he gets asked and the way he's spoken to on the street. "I don't believe it and I wish to hell you'd stop it." ...read more.


Since I was a boy I see pictures of those lights." In Brooklyn, Eddie has a reputation for being honourable to start with but it changes towards the end of the play. Catherine wants to escape from Brooklyn, even though her new job is in Brooklyn but she feels imprisoned by Eddie. This is ironic as Eddie wants the best for Catherine but does not want her going to Manhattan. Rodolpho and Marco illegally come from Sicily. Sicily is a place of poverty, it is Roman Catholic, and things are different for it is old-fashioned morals. "It's more strict in our town." Marco and Rodolpho make it sound idyllic compared to Manhatten, Manhatten is everyones dream. Yet, Rodolpho would not take Catherine there. "I will not marry you to live in Italy." At the end, Eddie loses all his power this is shown by Eddie dieing in the street. The street is where Eddie lacked power the most anyway so there is no surprise there. We feel sympathetic towards Eddie at the end as he died as a result of him standing up for his justice. Over all Miller's use of places is much defined and basically involves around Eddie. There is a place where is power is strong bur this soon changes and a place where is power is weak i.e. Office and the street, and the telephone booth where he betrays his beliefs. It's the Greek tragedy repeating itself but with one family. ...read more.

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