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Explore the ways in which Shakespeare makes Act 1 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet dramatically effective

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Explore the ways in which Shakespeare makes Act 1 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet dramatically effective Shakespeare, in Act 1 Scene 5, describes the first meeting of the two 'star crossed lovers' Romeo and Juliet. He uses various techniques to make it as dramatically effective as possible for the audience. Prior to the scene, Romeo's thoughts of love weren't very optimistic; as he has recently fallen out of love with a girl called Rosaline. Romeo describes love before the party as '...it is too rough, too rude, to boist'rous, and it pricks like thorn.' (I.v.25-26) But when he meets Juliet how is language changes and his views change. This is why we question his love for Juliet and may consider it fickle and he cannot be trusted as he changes his mind so quickly. We can take certain believability out of Juliet though as she has a talk with her Nurse and mother after going to meet Paris, the man her mother wants her to marry. She depicts her thoughts on love to the nurse, describing it as 'it is an honour I dream not of' meaning that she doesn't want to get married but the minute Romeo arrives, all her thoughts are changed bringing believability into the story. ...read more.


The mood then changes for the audience as Tybalt enters and spots Romeo as an intruder into his household. Although he is quickly stopped by Capulet this build up of tension contrasts the romance of this scene. Tybalt's use of language is very dramatic to the audience as Shakespeare uses Tybalt to build up tension in the hope of a fight. The audience's expectations of a brawl are heightened when phrases like 'Fetch me my rapier boy!' and (I.v.53) 'O by the stock and honour of my kin, I strike him dead I hold not a sin' (I.v.57-58) Are said. This is effective as Shakespeare sustains their suspense and interest throughout. From research on Shakespeare, at the time of writing Romeo and Juliet there was a lot of fighting and up roars of peasants, and what happened at the time would always have a impact on his writing. Following this Shakespeare slows down the tension with the first verbal meeting Romeo and Juliet. By sharing a sonnet it expresses to the audience the bond or unity between them already and sharing it makes it all the more romantic to watch. The use of a shared sonnet is dramatically effective as they would be wondering around the stage ending each other's sentences basically flirting with one another. ...read more.


..... That I must love a loathed enemy.' (I.v.135/140) The modern adaptation I think is a lot more effective that the text in my eyes. In my view I find it easier to concentrate on the play while watching, rather the trying to visualise it from reading the text. Its portrayal of the party scene is very effective, with the first meeting of Juliet and Romeo between the fish tank, and the costumes, for example, Juliet's angel outfit, was well thought of by the director to emphasis the innocence and clarity of Juliet. Shakespeare makes Act 1 Scene 5 dramatically effective in so many ways. The creation of intimate scenes between Romeo and Juliet depicts such a romantic atmosphere. The irony in their views of love, with Romeo despising love at one point to praising love a few scenes on, and with Juliet refusing love so strongly to accepting love so quickly. Romeo's for-seeing of the future deaths, the change of hatred of Tybalt's speech to Romeo's shared sonnet with Juliet, to use of religious imagery used to describe Juliet in her innocence builds p and makes this scene so dramatic. As a final dramatic gestures the use of a chorus to round everything up, gives the audience a hint to what's in the next scene to keep them see more. ...read more.

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