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Explore the ways in which the difficulties of love are presented in Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet and Emily Brontes Wuthering heights.

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Todun solarin Writing task, English literature Explore the ways in which the difficulties of love are presented in Shakespeare?s ?Romeo and Juliet? and Emily Bronte?s ?Wuthering heights?. The difficulties of love saturate the pages of Emily Bronte?s deep, dark, gothic novel ?Wuthering heights? and Shakespeare?s bright and bold ?Romeo and Juliet?. These two tales are undoubtedly, two of the greatest love stories ever to be written and yet the protagonists love causes unprecedented degrees of suffering and trauma. Throughout this essay, I am going to analyse and explore the many similarities and differences that exist between both stories. The time scales detailing the difficulties of love in these two pieces of literature are completely miles apart. In Romeo and Juliet, the actions take place within five days where as the events that occurred within Wuthering heights happen over a period of thirty years. In Romeo and Juliet, events come about with such speed, mistakes are made. Things seem out of their control. Romeo fails to receive the message informing him that Juliet is not dead; this leads to his wild and insane intention to take his own life. Juliet does not wake in time to save Romeo and as a result, takes her own life. Tragic events are foreshadowed in Romeo and Juliet, for example, from the prologue the audience is made aware that the ?star crossed lovers? take their life?s?. This quote suggests that it was the fate of both lovers to end in such tragedy. The term ?star crossed lovers? is a phrase describing a pair of lovers, whose relationship is said to be doomed from the start. ...read more.


The novel/film is based on this contrast between the two houses. The storm of Wuthering Heights, upon the return of Heathcliff from his time away, starts to take over. In the end, however, the calm of Thrushcross Grange prevails and good defeats evil. In Shakespeare?s film/novel, Romeo and Juliet were young heads in the clouds type railing against a forbidden love. In Wuthering heights, Catherine was confused and angst ridden in comparison but both couples were young and fought against the barriers between themselves and the full fruition of their love. The first encounters between the tragic couples a very dissimilar; however both contain huge amounts of conflict. Heathcliff and Romeo are both outsiders from the start. When Heathcliff first arrives at the Earnshaw house as an orphan, he is characterized as devilish and cruelly referred to as "it" in the Earnshaw household. His language is "gibberish" and his dark strangeness gives him the name "gipsy". The poor and harsh treatment that is lashed out at him is not much of an improvement on his "starving and houseless" childhood, and very quickly, he becomes a child inflicted with a lot of abuse and neglect. Also, on Heathcliff?s arrival, he is described by Nelly dean the maid, as someone who ?from the beginning, bred bad blood?, her choice of words suggests that Heathcliff was like a deep stain to the Earnshaw family and also a threat, particularly to Hindly. Heathcliff stirred up bad feelings within the house, making him an unfamiliar, uncomfortable individual to be around. The ora surrounding Heathcliff portrayed a rather off-putting, negative vibe that urged most of the Earnshaw family to maintain a distinct distance from the young orphan. ...read more.


Leaning on the arms of love and never needing anymore. The love between Heathcliff and Cathy, and Romeo and Juliet is eternal, and even in death, they are still not apart. Which brings me to this; these two stories don't necessarily have a happy ending, nevertheless the couples are still together. Although their love was never made easy, they created a way to conquer and defeat all boundaries and go to any length, in order to be with one another. Even if that length meant death. Romeo and Juliet couldn't be together due to the generational conflict between the two royal kingdoms; moreover Cathy and Heathcliff were struck down by social class and pride. This brings me to a second query. What is the greatest love story ever told? It?s probably one involving young people, a love triangle, and brief or forbidden romance. These are the common elements shared by these two pieces of literature which I can only describe to be nothing less than a masterpiece. These two writers prove that no one loves quite like the young. First love, in particular, is an overwhelmingly powerful feeling. In Shakespeare?s Romeo and Juliet, the young lovers are teenagers and in Wuthering heights Cathy and Heathcliff develop a deep, lasting bond as children. The argument seems to me that the power of young love is stronger than that of love at an older age, especially once life gets in the way. These stories seem to suggest that the intensity of first love is not likely to be duplicated. Wuthering heights and Romeo and Juliet, along with all their differences, maintain the distinctive theory that young forbidden love can survive despite all ,odds. These two stories will forever remain the two greatest love stories of all time. ...read more.

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