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Explore the ways in which the two poets communicate thoughts and feelings about "looking back" by the words and images they use.

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Explore the ways in which the two poets communicate thoughts and feelings about "looking back" by the words and images they use. For my poem write-up I will be writing about the two poems: "My Grandmother" and "At castle botterel". Each poem is written about a particular part of the poet's life, which they feel is important and that they can look back on. "My Grandmother" was written by Elizabeth Jennings and the poet is describing her grandmother. The only thing that the grandmother lives for is the shop. It seems that the poem is divided into four parts. The first verse describes the grandmother working in the shop; the second verse describes the very incident that causes the poets guilt, the third verse shows the grandmother whilst she is in retirement and the fourth verse describes after the grandmother has died how the poet reflects herself and her grandmother. The first verse sets the whole scene of the poem and reflects the character and the life of the grandmother. ...read more.


The grandmother is rebuffed when the granddaughter rejects the offer. However after this the grandmother is alone, looking into the reflections of the polish and she can see images of the past, shadows. All she can sit alone with are distant memories of things that can't be polished. All the grandmother did was live life on the surface of everything she didn't go deeper into anything, but now she ahs aged she finds that it is now becoming increasingly harder to cover these things up, and she knows her life is drawing to an end. She possibly can't run her shop anymore. Now she's alone everything comes back to her, all of the things she tried to ignore for so long. Now that the grandmother is gone the poet feels not a loss of a loved one, but she feels guilt. She describes how there is 'new dust falling through the air' which is a hint that now the grandmother is gone there is no polish just dust. ...read more.


Hardy uses a kind of imagery to portray the thought throughout the poem, and I think that the narrative style of the poem also helps the reader think again of it as a love story, albeit about someone he will probably never see again. He depicts this love as lasting forever and never ending. There seems to be an extremely powerful force of nature, as he now thinks that this memory of his is now an important feature of the hill itself. It's almost like he's making this a permanent part of the hill to last forever. He remembers himself on the hill, however the ghosts of other people may be pregnated, this is something of such intensity that the ghosts may forever be there. Hardy feels very much for this memory/thought that he still treasures and he shows this throughout the play by use if his language. The images that Hardy reveals throughout the poem show how intense and vibrant that this memory is to the hill. He uses his language very cleverly to describe exactly what happened on the hill. Word Count: 1113 Jamie Culver 11S Mr Dyson English ...read more.

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