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Explore the ways that Miller makes use of places in 'A View from the Bridge'

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Explore the ways that Miller makes use of places in 'A View from the Bridge' In 'A view from the bridge' the author, Arthur Miller, makes use of places in the play in a number of different ways. The way Miller as a writer describes these places in the text and the overall effect this has on the play; as well as how scenery has been utilised at the Queens Theatre production. The places mentioned in the play also have an effect on the different characters and the specific issues that Arthur Miller raises through these places in the tone of the text. All of these aspects are of vital importance when looking at how the play makes use of places in the text. The performance at the Queens Theatre is extremely important, particularly the stage set, and how the scenery is employed to illustrate the tone and mood of these places. There are six locations on the set of the play: the telephone booth; lawyer's office; outside of the house; the first floor inside of the house; second floor in the house; and the ramps (representing the street which run upstage, and off to the right and to the left). ...read more.


You sound like I'm goin' a million miles!' Unlike Catherine, Eddie is the same as the majority of people, wanting more from life than they earn. However, reality is obviously very unlike our dreams, and Eddie as many do, settled for less. He is getting on with life the best that he can, earning as much money as he possibly can from the job he has. The character of Alfieri has been living in this area since he was twenty-five. He moved from Sicily in Italy, to his current residency, seaward side of the Brooklyn Bridge. Italy to Alfieri and the other Italians symbolises culture, it is their homeland, and however, the symbolic reference of Italy itself varies between characters. For Catherine Italy represents mystery and romance; for Rodolpho who has actually experienced life there, it symbolises a life of little opportunity, from which to escape. Alfieri knows he can do much better, but he idolises the people who work with him; and seems to continue his employment, out of curiosity and a connection to the people, who are in a worse situation than him. 'My wife has warned me, so have my friends; they tell me the people in this neighbourhood lack elegance and glamour. ...read more.


As such, this is a place which should not be overlooked. Community is very powerful in the play; it illustrates a norm as well as delivering constraints upon the characters. The characters are forced to find common ground between Italy and American in their morals, and general day to day life; this provides a major source of conflict. The community is a very close knit one and as such controls the characters, the Carbones' for example feel watched from the very start. Throughout the play, community plays a very significant role in the lives and actions of the characters, Eddie does turn against the community in calling Immigration, yet in the end he still strives to defend his name in the community against Marco. In this essay a number of different ways that Arthur Miller utilises places in the text, have been looked at. From the different areas covered it is apparent that Miller makes use of each extremely effectively. Mentioning these places numerously alerts the audience to the importance of them, as well as creating a clear sense of how the characters feel, allowing the audience to empathise as well as relate to them, in context with the historical, social and economic issues of the 1940's New York. Word Count = 1,289 ?? ?? ?? ?? Simon Sharp 5 More Mr Walsh ...read more.

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