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Explore the ways Willy Russell uses dramatic devices to present the key themes and ideas in his play

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Explore the ways Willy Russell uses dramatic devices to present the key themes and ideas in his play "Blood Brothers" Blood Brothers is a play about two twins Edward and Mickey who are separated at birth by their mother as she cannot afford to keep both of them. The play was written by Willy Russell who is a famous play write that was born near Liverpool in 1947 and lived on a council estate. He left school at the age of 15 with one O-level in English; he went on to be a hair dresser and also wrote songs in his spare time. As an adult, after struggling as a singer he went back to school to get better qualifications and then went on to be a teacher. He never forgot his roots though and he eventually achieved success writing plays 9in the common speech based on the stories he heard from people. He still lives in Liverpool and wrights theatre, musical theatre and plays for TV. The play is set in three eras, the first is a 1960's busy Liverpool town. The second is set in the same time but in the county, and the third is modern day suburbia. ...read more.


It is this deception that all the kids treat them as toys and feel that if they have a gun then it makes them better than all the other kids. This idea is shown in the section on page 30/31 with the song "its all just a game". Were the children got the impression that if you get shot "you just cross you're fingers and count to one to ten" you'll be ok and you can start again. Also on page 36 Mickey, Ed and Linda have borrowed Sammie's gun and are firing at some tin cans. Ed and Linda both manage to achieve hitting the cans but Mickey doesn't hit a single one of them showing although he likes the concept of having a gun he dose not posses the right skills needed to accurately hit his target. Section 3 "Superstition" Superstition like the others is a important theme that pops up a lot in the plays storyline but there are two areas of the play were these are highlighted. On page 35 when Mrs Johnston swipes the new shoes of the table after Mrs Lyons puts them their. This tells the audience that Mrs Johnston takes a simple old wife's tale far to seriously and Mrs Lyons takes this into note as she later uses this against her. ...read more.


Section 5 "Friendship" Friendship is another really important theme in the play as friends can help you through rough times and it can also turn an already bad situation into a worse one. An example of this is on page 63 with the developing relationship between Ed and Mickey's wife Linda. As cheating is already a unforgivable thing to do but to do with a best friend AKA a secret brother is a heart wrenching pain Mickey will feel and he goes off in revenge, as we see in the play. But on page 41/42 and the song "My friend" reveals the bond Mickey and Ed have and the way they wish to be like each other yet they don't at the same time. And with the false identity of being best friends they create a bond that they might not of had if they were just brothers. Conclusion W. Russell use lots of dramatic devises in this play in what I think was just the right places so they could all unfold in a fantastic finale. He also highlighted all the key themes and kept coming back to them so they wouldn't be forgotten and he used them so they would all make their own scenarios in a situation. I enjoyed the play very much and the book as well. ...read more.

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