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Explore varieties and attitudes to texting.

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´╗┐Explore varieties and attitudes to texting. This essay will discuss the different varieties of, and attitudes to, texting. The language used in texting is interesting, as it blurs the boundaries between spoken and written language, adopting features of both. In recent years, texting has dramatically increased. In 2009, over 96 million texts were sent throughout the UK. Texting has influenced our language in both positive and negative ways. I have spent most of my childhood in middle class areas, and this has affected my idiolect. I usually speak more formally compared to some of my friends who live in different areas. These people use language such as ?Do u wanna go in 2 town? which shows very informal and transactional talk. There are a number of reasons for this, for example the need to keep the person?s text short and to the point. The techniques that were used by my friends include using phonetic spelling (such as wanna for want to) ...read more.


In one of my texts, my mum chose to write a very short informative text to me. She used small amounts of phatic language (especially for a female) and used emoticons to show emotion while saving time. She shorted words for example she said ?enjoyin footy game?. This style of language would normally be inappropriate to her if she were writing a letter or emailing and shows that language changes the way we text. Because as she was in a rush she texted much more informally, using more emoticons, which are used to show emotion but are quick to write and used polysyllabic abbreviations to shorten the time to write words but to still make them understandable. However, the text that I sent to my grandmother had a purpose of being a very formal thank you letter, even though it was sent as a text. I wrote it when I wasn?t busy and had a lot of time to compose it. ...read more.


Indeed fewer people these days are putting pen to paper and writing letters. And as a result the language used for communication changes. This can also be seen in the numbers of new words entered into the Dictionary such as LOL and OMG. Clearly texting is a generational issue, young people embracing a new and innovative way to communicate. Some older people are open to change but to use text language such as ?tomoz? or ?tb? would clearly be age-inappropriate and open to ridicule both their own peers and the younger generation, unless these words were used ironically. Alternatively texting can be fun. I don?t know what to write here. Sarcasm and irony need to be conveyed in conversation but this needs to be done carefully as it is open to misinterpretation. For example ?How exciting? may literally mean that it is exciting or it amy mean it is boring. The more you know and understand the person you text and the more often you text them, the less likely misunderstandings would happen. Care needs to be taken, as texts might inadvertently cause offense. ...read more.

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