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Explore varieties of and attitudes to texting and text-speak

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Explore varieties of and attitudes to texting and ?text-speak? Over the years, behaviour and opinions over texting has massively changed. The opinions have grown stronger if they are supporting or disagreeing with texting how it has affected us with our speaking and writing. Words have been altered in texting while children think it is easily understood. However, is it understood by everyone? Adults have a totally different opinion over slang/text-speak. As it isn?t understood by adults, they disapprove slang/text-speak. As children/young adults have texted slang (majority of their life time) they lose the hang of using Standard English. They have gotten used to using ?WUU2? instead of ?what you up to?. ...read more.


So they added emoticons to the mobile?s A-Z, this has made it much simpler to express what they want to get across. As people complained about how slang has changed their speech and the way they communicate. Actress Emma Thompson said ?it makes you sound stupid? as adults have their opinions over text-speak. They may think their point is right. But they look at it as a child?s point of view. ?It causes them to behave impulsively? As adults think text-speak is bad for their child/children and it has changed their behaviour. It could be due to bad parental control not text-speak or slang. As words have shortened /changed throughout the years. ...read more.


?It is dumbing down our language? is it really destroying the English language? ?Wrecking our language? it has changed the English language and words in the dictionary. They have removed less than a fewer of 16,000 hyphens of words making it easier for writers or ?texters?. ?Are people that lazy they can?t reach for a ?-?key?. Really people don?t know when to use ?-?in words as they might haven?t been taught this so they choose to miss it out. In my opinion, I think it has ruined our English Language because in my observation, I can see that everyone prefers to use text-speak/slang as it is quick for communication. However, it has made everyone?s vocabulary worse and made our sentences dull and not understandable. To conclude the article, I think it has decreased the intellect of the majority of text-speak users. Ren Man ...read more.

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