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Explore Whether OscarWildesStoryTales Can Be Considered As Fairytales.

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Explore Whether Oscar Wildes Story Tales Can Be Considered As Fairytales. There are many ingredients that define fairytales as fairytales. These ingredients are usually about the character or then the setting of the play. The three most important things that define a fairytale as fairytale are a wish, a challenge, and a hero. These are seen in many fairytales today. In the early 1800's Grimm's tales were introduced. Grimm's tales, such as Ashputtle and Snow Drop, are considered to be extremely violent. Ashputtle and Snow drop are the now commonly known tales Cinderella and Snow White. Though the stories have completely different names they have very similar story lines. Take Ashputtle, the tale is now known as Cinderella but the tale is pretty much the same. However in Cinderella we aren't told the violence we are told in Ashputtle. For example in Ashputtle the ugly sisters chop off their toes to fit their feet into the shoe that is brought by the young prince. This sort of violence can also be seen in Snow drop where the queen is eating the lung and liver of the bear and she thinks it is the heart and liver of Snow drop. ...read more.


In his tales he also uses the ingredient of there being a hero. In the selfish giant the heroes are the little children who sneak into the giant's garden through a little hole in the wall the children had crept in the children are the heroes of this tale as the spring comes when they are in the garden. In the nightingale and the rose, Wilde says that the nightingale is the hero. This is because the nightingale has managed to produce a rose for the young student. In The Selfish Giant and The Happy Prince, Wilde writes about good things happening to the heroes and the heroes' friends. We can see this in the happy prince where God says to the angel to bring him two of the most precious things in the city and the angel returns with the heart of the giant and the swallow. It also believed that he is a fairytale writer because his tales bring you into a world of make belief which sparks the children's imagination. As this is what true fairytales do this is a reason to include Wilde's tales in the category of fairytales. ...read more.


reed because of her slender waist Looking at Oscar Wilde's tales I found that he used a lot of repetition and personification. These techniques are important in fairytales as they spark the child's imagination and send them into a world of make-believe. In conclusion I believe that Oscar Wilde's fairytales are fairytales, even though Wilde does not start his stories off with the traditional once upon a time... or in a land far away..., Wilde's tales still contain the ingredients of a good fairytale. This can be seen in The Nightingale and the Rose where the nightingale and other creatures can talk. Wilde uses personification, repetition and other brilliant techniques to create a fantastical land where the children's imagination can run wild. However the lack of traditional happy endings disappoints the child. This is seen in the happy prince where the happy prince sacrifices all his jewels and gold and gets nothing in return. [ I say this because the statue is always praising God and the swallow is always singing for God. ] Thus I believe that Wilde's tales are full of fairytale ingredients but cannot belong to the fairytale genre. Abdul Mufti Candidate Number: 4138 Centre Number: 13329 11. F 1 ...read more.

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