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Exploring and comparing relationships inTony Kytes the Arch Deceiver and The Son's Veto

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Exploring and comparing relationships in Tony Kytes the Arch Deceiver and The Son's Veto Both by Thomas Hardy The Son's Veto and Tony Kytes the Arch Deceiver are both pre-1914 short stories written by Thomas Hardy. Tony Kytes the Arch Deceiver is about Men and Women and how a young man Tony Kytes makes tedious and foolish decisions when it comes for him to choose a wife. In this story Tony Kytes thinks with his heart and not his head and this lands him in all sorts of trouble. The Son's Veto is about Sacrifice and how a disabled, uneducated widow named Sophie wants to re-marry, but her son who is now at a mature age and educated has the right to choose ...read more.


In both stories both characters have problems in relationships in that Tony Kytes is having problems due to his lack of knowledge in relationships and Sophie is being prevented from marrying as she is seen not smart enough to make such a decision. Both stories are set in England yet the setting in each story is quite different from one another. In Tony Kytes the Arch Deceiver the setting is in the rural countryside of England. While in The Son's Veto the setting is in urban London but later on it is set in the countryside of England. The Theme is quite similar in that both stories are about love and relationships and how love are a powerful thing, that although it binds people together it can also separate them from each other. ...read more.


Throughout the short stories we gather how women were treated before 1914. In Tony Kytes the Arch Deceiver when Tony is choosing a wife he juggles the women round lying to each of them telling them what they want to hear as if they are come second to him. This is a major sign that women were seen as second to the gentlemen in a relationship. In The Son's Veto the widow Sophie is stopped from marrying by her son even though she is older and the mother of him. From this we get another large sign that when were seen as second to men. This has changed a great deal to nowadays where women are seen as equals to men not only in day to day life but in relationships. ?? ?? ?? ?? Greg Hanshaw 4 Fox ...read more.

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