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Exploring chapter 3 and the ways in which it portrays the changing nature of Ralph and Jacks relationship.

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Essay on jack and Ralph in Chapter 3 Exploring chapter 3 and the ways in which it portrays the changing nature of Ralph and Jacks relationship. Concentrating on what we learn about the characters themselves through the dialogue between them, how Golding's use of language is significant in describing both characters and what connection this has with other key features in the novel. A lot of information is discovered about Jack and Ralph just through the dialogue between them in previous chapters the characters have experienced a strong friendship but also a sense of tension at various intervals. The fact that both individuals have the same kind of desire for leadership has been the main friction point in their relationship, in chapter 1 Jack is desperate for the vote to take the role of leadership in their new society, however Ralph gets voted leader and has the power over Jack. Jack is not used to this kind of power over himself by another individual, however, as the novel proceeds it is clear that some sort of negotiation is made between the two characters due to their bond and friendship in which they have gradually formed. ...read more.


This shows that the other boys further down in authority are intimated just by his visual significance. Both characters have proven to be very good at the leader role; however, they are also constantly in some kind of competition with each other. They have also proved that they can be sympathetic to the "littluns" and sympathetic to each other in many ways. They have formed a strong bond, which regularly coincides with their personality clash with their similar intentions and desires for the leadership role. The fact that these particular characters have previously experienced a fair amount of tension, but also go through phases of good intense friendship may influence and effect some of the problems the whole society continuously encounter. From chapter 3 you begin to see the friendship develop between the characters. The fact that they are themselves around each other and express their true opinions in meetings shows they are comfortable to put across ideas without feeling intimidated by each other. ...read more.


This begins to irritate Ralph who replies to Jack's "I thought I might" referring to killing the pig, by saying "But you haven't yet" substantiated by Golding emphasising the irritation shown by Ralph's undertone. Golding states, "Now the antagonism was audible." The particular section at the beginning of Chapter 3 shows the tension between the characters; however, Ralph has the maturity to defuse the situation and calms it down by referring back to a playful gesture by rolling on his stomach and "began to play with the grass." Just before this defusion of the situation Jack's anger shines through "Suddenly Jack shouted in rage" referring to Ralph's accusations in which Jack obviously does not agree with. Ralph being the optimist of the pair manages to lighten spirits between them and return to their agreements and friendship. They obviously realise that they are the individuals who have to stay of the strongest team to get the boys further down in authority through it. They are the leader and the next person down in society; therefore they have to work as a team to keep the deterioration of society to a minimum. ...read more.

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