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Exploring Love and Loss

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Amrit Morokar 11k How Can we Compare and Explore the Themes of Love and Loss Within Four Poems of our Choice? Miss Van Der Linden 21/04/2008 Guiding Question: How can we compare and explore the themes of love and loss within 4 poems of our choice? This essay will be based upon the four poems "First Love" by John Clare, "Remember" by Christina Rossetti, "When We Two Parted" by Lord Byron and "A Woman to Her Lover" by Christina Walsh. The themes of love and loss will be explored and compared in this essay, and we will be shown how the authors use of language, structure, and form in each poem, can be shown to portray their ideas, regarding love and loss. "First Love", "Remember" and "When We Two Parted" have a fixed rhyme - (ABAB rhyme). However, "A Woman to Her Lover" has free verse structure (no iambic pentameter) which was used to develop the idea of freedom because the poem is about "real love" and freedom. It is the only poem of the four that doesn't stick to any rhythm, maybe this is because the author wanted to capture the reader's attention? ...read more.


He also writes "A knell to mine ear" in the third stanza. This is explaining that if he hears her name, it would be like a death bell in his ears. This poem also shows love deteriorating. Christina Rossetti on the other hand, is explaining to her lover how she is dying slowly, and to move on and be happy. The first line "...REMEMBER me when I am gone away" clearly tells us that this is poem is about loss and possibly death. She talks about separating from a loved one - possibly her husband - but it is not clear because in the second line she says that she will go "far away into a silent land." This again could represent heaven - the fact that she is dying, or that she is just simply fed up of her relationship and wants to get away from everything, including love. "First Love" is the only poem out of these four that hardly represents loss (in the sense of never being to experience first love once again). It shows that he has lost his heart to her and is blinded by love. ...read more.


He is saying that he has never felt these feelings before, and is comparing love to snow because snow is beautiful. It was easy to picture the scene of the poems because it sounded sensible, and is backed up by a clear use of emotive language and imagery. Some things such as "snow" in "First Love" are unusual, but not unheard of, and so this results in people finding it is easy to paint a mental picture of. The ideas of love and loss in these poems are important as they show us what the speaker felt at the time. It was a personal experience to them, and the imagery they used was very effective because it took a powerful grip on the reader, and the way imagery was used, is something that readers could relate to. The authors made each poem sound as pure as possible through using literary techniques such as: metaphors, similes, hyperboles, adjectives, personification, and natural imagery. These four poems are effective because they explore the idea and theme of love and loss thoroughly enough for the readers to get a general perspective on how love and loss can affect us in everyday life. ?? ?? ?? ?? Word Count: 1526 Poetry Essay on Love and Loss Amrit Morokar 11k WOODSIDE PARK INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL ...read more.

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