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Exposure - creative personal writing

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Exposure A quick, stealthy character moves across the office, photocopying top secret files. The information was very damaging stuff. He leaves as quickly as he enters. Who is this person? Why does he want this information? Will the press get hold of it? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? The Rayman walked down an alley, on the way to his hide-out. He was a short man, who had brown hair with flecks of grey. In places he was going bald, he had shaven his hair very short. He had a well shaven beard. His face was an average face with brown eyes. He wore brown trousers, with black shoes. On the top he wore a brown, well-ironed polo shirt. Over it he wore a leather jacket. When he was around people he walked with a limp. This hid his true identity. He got to his house, flicked on the televison to the news. ...read more.


It was here the Rayman put the proposal to them of getting the document. Peat and The Accountant thought it was a great idea. The problem was that Amen was going straight. Over the next two hours they tried to explain that it was good idea to get the documents. Amen's girlfriend was a very good lawyer and got the four of them out quicker than the Rayman expected. Once out the Rayman cornered down Amen. At first Amen was reluctant to join the group. After a few slaps and a good two hours Amen was persuaded to join the group. Amen went home told his girlfriend that he was going to London to get these files. She decided to leave him. This filled Amen with rage against the Rayman. The next day the four of them went on a road trip to London. In London the four of them met up with some of their contacts. They met up at Ventura Hill at 8pm. Jack and Jill had followed them here from Liverpool and were watching them. ...read more.


Well he was the one who stole the secret documents. The Rayman had the idea of getting them off him. He told us the idea when we all were arrested." says David Edwards. "So who was the Rayman?" says Jack. "Amen, he said he was going straight so it would be less likely it was him. Anyway, I went along because I had no choice in the matter. The plan was to attack this ship bringing in drugs. While doing this the Rayman will get the secret documents and a lot of drugs. While doing this I hid behind some boxes so as not to get involved" says David Edwards " So you just got mixed up with the group because we arrested you? Well, I only have one choice, to let you go," says Jack. David Edwards walks out the police station. Then straight away stops walking with a limp. He gets into a cab and goes to the mariner. Here he finds Enterprise K40421. Under the front he finds a brief case. There is no code to put in. He presses the two buttons, "Click, Click". On the top of the brief case in big writing is a sign, which says 'Have a nice day'. Kaboom. ...read more.

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