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Extension 2 English Proposal

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HSC Extension English 2 Proposal Josh Davis 2008 Audience The audience of my major work will be firstly experienced English teachers for marking. The story itself will be aimed however at an audience of teen years and above, preferably interested in modern history. Any readers of a younger age may lack the necessary understanding of the context of my piece, and thus may not be able to understand the decisions and feelings of characters in the piece. The story will aim to incite passionate questions of the actions and experiences of my characters in the mind of the reader, as well as an emotional response based on the life and personal experiences of the reader. For instance, if they have experienced the death of a family member, they may identify with the emotions of my characters. Purpose/Statement of Intent After much deliberation, I propose to compose a prose fiction short story based on the experiences of fictional guard in Dachau concentration camp during WWII. I came across this idea when studying for the text "Romulus, My father" from the English Advanced course. Part of this text describes the main character Romulus and his lover Christina living in Nazi Germany, and I was reading through articles on the Internet regarding various leaders of the regime. ...read more.


This will hopefully engage the reader in the scene, rather than the reader being a 'fly on the wall', which would leave a wall between the reader and the characters. I would like to vary the style of language used, from short and punchy for tension and emotion to long and reflective for the monologues. Inspiration I chose to write a story on the holocaust because it is something that I would enjoy researching in detail, absorbing every scrap of information, and also I think it would be challenging to confront on my own terms. Reading the information I have already come across, I can't help but feel so lucky to live in a free country, and in such a privileged life. A life where I am free to do what I choose, including writing this piece. I visited Dachau concentration camp in 2003, and this experience had a great effect on me. The feelings of disgust and general confusion as to "how this could happen" has probably lead me to be so interested in studying the topic today. I will use this experience to describe the surrounds of the setting, and some of the experiences of the prisoners. ...read more.


However, I will need to continue to research further in-depth into the holocaust and in particular the events and nature of the Dachau camp. I also plan to read Anne Frank's "Diary of a girl", to further understand the experience of life in a concentration camp. This text should provide the experience of a prisoner, with which I can use to contrast the ideals and experience of the guard. Over the holidays I will make a visit to the state library to find historical diaries and personal accounts of experiences in concentration camps. http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/holo.html I have trawled over hundreds of images from the Jewish Virtual Library. This has helped me visualise the setting of the piece, and try to imagine the conditions and experiences of the prisoners. http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Holocaust/dachau.html This website provides extensive material on the Dachau camp itself, and the events and people surrounding the camp. http://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/?gclid=CP3gne2ss5cCFRg6awodODceiw This site is great, as it has many photograph's of the camp post-liberation and of the trials of war criminals that followed. http://remember.org/imagine/diaries.html This site has a number of fictional diary entries from primary school students. It is inspiring to read these interpretations of Holocaust experiences. Major work proposal Josh Davis 1 ...read more.

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