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Extracts from Piggy's Diary.

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Extracts from Piggy's Diary Prologue The naval officer told the 'small savages' that he had to look around the island but he would not be finished until just before sundown. Therefore, at sundown all the children were to meet at the Castle Rock. One of the larger savages wandered off on his own. He felt a mixture of feelings on the one hand he had been saved both from death and the island. However, he was going to be taken into larger war that has the same attitudes about civilization and power as the war on the island. Ralph found that he was wandering past the remains of burnt trees to the shelters. Sitting down against a tree he put his hand on a rock. Trying not to think about the events on the island he threw it absentmindedly into the sea. He was about to get up when he felt something else. As he drew it out he found it was an old exercise book. Opening it up on the first page he read, "Thomas Martin's Diary." Intrigued and not remembering a 'Thomas Martin' he opened it and began to read: 26th June 1957 What a day! We were still in the plane. But suddenly it gave a huge jolt I had my seat belt on but a lot of the boys fell out their seats. The plane started to loose altitude very quickly. We had been attacked by the Reds. Luckily a man with a microphone kept everybody in order and told us all to get into the escape pod. I thought I was going to have an asthma attack when the escape pod was falling down and I had to take my glasses off in case they fell off if the pod hit the ground hard. Ralph realized who was writing the diary. A wave of grief hit him as he thought how he had never known the name of his true wise friend Piggy. ...read more.


Ralph said "You let the fire out" twice before started to stop talking. But when Ralph said to Jack in a savage voice "They might have seen us. We might have gone home." Ralph had made the possibilities of the ship real to me and my anger reached peak. I could not contain myself any longer and I shouted at Jack "You and your blood Jack Merridew! You and your hunting! We might have gone home" But before I could finish Ralph interrupted me. I did not mind this because Ralph's grief was equal to mine. He started giving Jack exactly what he needed a talking down. Ralph needed to assert his power as leader. But he seemed a bit lost for words. Jack started trying to make poor excuses like "The job was too much. We needed everyone." My anger got the better of me again. I started shouting at him saying "You didn't ought to let the fire out. You said you'd keep the smoke going." As soon as I said this I heard other hunters agreeing with me. For a moment I was pleased as now some of Jack's own supporters were turning against him. For the first time on the island I felt that I could stand up to Jack. This did not last very long. Seeing some of his hunters agreeing with me, of all people, drove Jack to violence. He hit me as hard as he could in my stomach. Through a haze of pain I heard Jack shouting "You would, would you? Fatty!" Then I felt his fist hit my head. By this time the pain was not a problem I was already in tears. But I felt my specs being thrown from my head. Nobody else understands that on an island without my specs I probably would not survive. So I was desperate to find my specs. ...read more.


In fact it had never cared how I felt from the first time I met him. I tried to calm myself down and think. Grown ups would not have let this happen now we have to put it right, and go and talk to the savages like grown ups. Tomorrow I am going to face Jack Merridew. Ralph sat down on the sand and put his head in his hands. He knew that before he had read the diary he hardly knew anything about Thomas Martin. He definitely agreed that Piggy and he had grown very close on the island and he was pleased that Piggy had also felt the same. He felt so guilty because of how he had told everybody Piggy's deadly nickname. For some reason he felt that everything would have been different for Piggy if he had just thought before he had spoken. Piggy had been the only boy on the island who had sense, who knew what should have been done but he was ignored. Piggy had endured all the names he had been called and the disrespect he had got from everyone. Everybody had just got used to being nasty to him. He had been the bravest boy on the island. Piggy, who has been the brunt of ridicule, who was physically weak, had shown his real strength by defending what he believed in and facing the beast, Jack Merridew. Two questions came into Ralph's mind. "What was he going to with diary?" and "What would Piggy have wanted him to do with the diary?" Ralph remembered how Piggy had reacted after Simon's death. "Look, Ralph. We got to forget this. We can't do no good thinking about it" he had said. At that time Ralph had not understood but now he felt sure what Piggy would have wanted him to do. Picking up the diary he threw it as far as he could into the sea. He watched it stay afloat for a moment. Then become waterlogged and sink. The memories of the island were already fading. David E-Evans Coursework 1 ...read more.

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