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F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel

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Task F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel "The Great Gatsby" is notable for it's intricate patterns of imagery. Discuss. Imagery in "The Great Gatsby" provides the book with a structure and makes it more coherent. The imagery in this novel connects the important characters as well as important aspects of symbolism. The most prominent images in "The Great Gatsby" are all cleverly interlinked. One of the most significant images in "The Great Gatsby" is time. This is because Gatsby's dream is about repeating the past. He wants Daisy to erase everything that happened between her and Tom, "Just tell him the truth, that you never loved him and it's all wiped out forever." ...read more.


Daisy is also a very extravagant character, " here's my little gold pencil." Extravagance is also associated with "Golden". Gatsby is also associated with cosmic imagery. Fitzgerald represents him with moonlight and starlight, " it was Mr Gatsby himself, come out to determine what share was his of our local heavens." This also demonstrates Gatsby's materialistic character, he doesn't just want to own Daisy: he wants to own the stars. Moonlight, is far more sinister and mysterious than sunlight. Gatsby himself is a very mysterious character. No one knows the truth about his past, "I hear he killed a man". Moonlight can also be connected with romance. Gatsby is very romantic: he believed his love for Daisy would last forever, " I have always loved her". ...read more.


Nick describes myrtle as " walking through her husband as if he were a ghost". When she orders him to fetch some chairs he " mingles immediately with the cement colour of the walls. The Valley of Ashes is used to represent the dark undertones of society. Myrtle is violently killed in The Valley of Ashes when Daisy hits her with Gatsby's car. Wilson, in shock and heartbroken, shoots Gatsby after mistaking him as the killer, and then shoots himself, " the holocaust was complete". These images show the destruction caused by Gatsby's dream, the "foul dust that floated in the wake of his dreams". These images in "The Great Gatsby" are important for emphasis but also to show that everything in the novel is linked. These aid the reader to understand the novel and to interpret the subtle bonds between the characters and settings. Hayley Mitchell ...read more.

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