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Facing The Demons : A documentary

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The social issues being raised in the documentary is firstly whether it is should be right that the criminals are confronted with what they have done, in this case, the harm they have not only caused to the victim but also the family and friends. We are able to see how a crime can inflict pain of so many people; Michael's family and friends parts of life were also lost together with him. Another issue being raised is the safety at work that everyone should have a minimum right to have, as Michael was working in Pizza Hut and suddenly he is shot dead. Thirdly, another social issue that is being raised in the documentary is the justice of society as we wonder what will be the suitable sentence for the murder. We question ourselves if punishment is enough for the criminals or should they confront the guilt they have experience after murdering the victim. The way the documentary has dealt with the following issues is that not only will they have a jail sentence, but confront the family and friends of the victims. After the criminals have done this, not only have they been able to live their lives in less guilt and grow a deeper understanding of what damage they have caused, but also we see an improvement in the lives of the family and friends victims. ...read more.


All these things let us see her as a loving mother, but after hearing what the victims have to say, and after she says "Christmas is coming up and I have a present for you.", she takes out a bag of soil that represents Michael's ashes. We as viewers are disgusted by the way she behaves because, firstly, she did not come with an open mind, secondly, she did not even try to forgive and rather carry this burden around her. After the conference, among all of the family and friends of Michael, she was the one with the least change. She still had the same behaviour and attitude towards the criminals. The way she handles grief is definitely different from the rest of them but she did not even try. The producer has positioned us to view Joan as a loving mother but also as this aggressive, unforgiving person. When Joan is talking about her son before the conference, about how her life changed, the producer begins to zoom up on her face and she is she beginning to open herself up to us, we are bought even closer to her. Also when Joan is responding to the questions that the interviewer asks, we do not hear the interviewer's voice. ...read more.


The only way you'll know if you were me. I can never understand the suffering because it hasn't happened to me. You will never be able to understand the justifications the state of mind...because we all are different." Also, he is shown to be a tough guy but he is later shown to be crying as his emotion is all coming out. After the conference, he picks up the bag that symbolizes Michael's ashes that Joan threw. Kramer also joins the campaign that Ken has created 'Enough is enough', to let people know about his experience and to not let them fall in his shoes. When all things are happen, the producer is there with conventions to position us. When he wants us to understand and get closer with those who are talking, we are brought to a close up of their face and even zoomed in. An example is when Kramer is crying. We are also juxta-positioned as before we meet Kramer, a shot of a man walking upwards and downwards behind bars is shown. We are positioned to know that Kramer is very mature as he is thinking about everything he says. Lastly, when Kramer is talking, we are able to see the emotion change between the family and friends. Therefore, I think that the producer has definitely tried to position us to feel sympathy for Kramer. ?? ?? ?? ?? Francesca Kavanagh ...read more.

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