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Fairy Tale, allegory of the Russian Revolution or an everyday tale of corruption by power?

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Fairy Tale, allegory of the Russian Revolution or an everyday tale of corruption by power? George Orwell's Animal Farm is a novel that can be read, understood and enjoyed by all ages but it portrays a different meaning on each age group. As the age group gets older they are more aware of the novels links with the Russian Revolution and the corruption of power as the pigs lead the revolution and ply it in their own favour. The younger readers see the book as an enjoyable humorous and, maybe heroic fairy tale where animals on a farm become fed up of their mistreatment by their owner and they break free forcing the humans out of the farm. They then see the novel explain how the animals are forced to fend for themselves and continue to keep the farm running in order to survive as well as trying to encourage animals from other farms to follow their lead and over throw the humans. The readers may fail to pick up the corruption of power by the pigs as they go against all the rules and live a life of luxury as the other animals continue life under strict governing rules. ...read more.


The other pigs explained to the moaning and curious animals as to the reasons for this breach in rules and concluded that Napoleon was of great importance and deserved the comfort. They also argued the reason for the pigs joining him. They told the other animals that it was because they are the brains and the centre of the revolution and they need to sleep well, eat well and drink well so they can be effective leaders and make good decisions. The other animals eventually bought this story and agreed that it was fair and necessary for there well being and possibly for their survival. The pigs took control of the cottage they had overthrown where they slept in beds, drank whisky and ate out of bowls. The pigs were certainly enjoying the benefits of the society they helped to control. The inequality and true hypocrisy of communism is expressed here by Orwell as the pigs appear to become more equal than the other animals. Other animals within the farm include two cart horses' names Boxer and Clover. They are used by Orwell to represent the unskilled labour class (proletariat) in Russian society. Both the animals were very helpful on the rebellion and throughout the revolution as they spent a lot of time and work ...read more.


Benjamin is used by Orwell to symbolise the older generation and is the only animal on the farm who appears as though he couldn't care less about Napoleon and Animal Farm which had been called Manor Farm before the animals broke free and forced humans out of the farm. Being older and wiser it is possible that Benjamin could have known that the revolt was only a temporary change, and will flop with devastating affects in the end. He can be seen as a pessimist as he expected nothing positive to come from the revolution and his maturity level being higher than that of the other animals lead him not to being tricked by Napoleon's propaganda. The only time during the revolution when Benjamin shows any concern towards the other animals is when Boxer is taken away in a glue truck after having an accident while working and he tries to warn the other animals of Boxers fate as he notices the advertisement on the side of the truck and later tries to reassure ..........who was a good friend of Boxer. She had very little affect on the revolution apart from having puppies which were later brought up and trained to be the guards on the farm by Napoleon against her wishes and who were to respond to Napoleon only. 1610 words ...read more.

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