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Faking it is mainly a reality TV show but can be similar to a documentary

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Faking It From a corporate lawyer to a mc. Faking it is a changeable battle against the odds. The yet to be faker is picked out from their ordinary environment and given four weeks to master a skill well enough to fool a group of expert judges. In this essay I am focusing on series four of "faking it". It involves a man named George Lubega who is a solicitor. He lives around and socialises with white people. His task was to behave and fake it as a Mc that comes from the streets mainly involved around black people. Faking it is mainly a reality TV show but can be similar to a documentary. Although the documentaries may have changed its shape and form over the years it still follows the same criteria. The way "faking it" was constructed is very interesting because generally in my opinion documentaries are not very interesting to watch. For most young people of my age it is the same reason as well even though it is the oldest form of film making. ...read more.


The music in the background is very loud and fast and a lot of people are jumping up and down. George deals with different experiences in being a Mc. The use of music throughout the scenes are to show how George and other people are feeling and how the music can create an atmosphere of happiness, sadness, excitement, amazement, joy and disbelief etc. I can tell that these two lifestyles are very different. Mc creed is one of the big Mc in London and has been one for many years. To turn George into a mc in a couple of weeks was going to be a real challenge. George enters Mc creed rooms where he is with 2 friends. As George entered the room all their attention turned to him. The shot switched to a close up shot of Georges face to show how embarrassed he was because he was wearing a suit. After this Mc creed got a chance to talk to George one on one. Mc creed asked George what kind of music he liked. ...read more.


George's job is a corporate lawyer. This makes George feel a bit awkward because he isn't used to the clothes that are bought for him. This shows that to him stereotype is very important. After George passed his tasks it was then time for him to return home. After 1 week he was shown again going into his house with trainers and a hat and he came out with a suit and black work boots. This suggests that even though he had changed for a few weeks he has learned many things from the role of being a Mc but he is still the same person and will always go back to his normal ways. "Faking it" has a sponsor advert, which is Smirnoff ice. When I first saw it at the beginning I didn't know what it meant but now I do. The advert showed a glass with ice in it and orange juice being poured into it then taken out again. This showed that even though he was out to know and explore how it was to be a mc he can never change from the way he dressed and behaved before. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mary Ewumi ...read more.

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