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Falling. As he fell, in a split second his emotions raced through denial, panic, terror, and acceptance.

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´╗┐Falling As he fell, in a split second his emotions raced through denial, panic, terror, and acceptance. Having rapidly and undeniably admitted to himself that in a few seconds he would be dead, acceptance of the inevitable allowed him to clear his mind of all the petty thoughts and worries. No need to speak to his boss, the deadline he had missed last week could stay missed forever. What did he care if his phone credit expired tomorrow, no need to take the long way home past the store now. Perhaps for the first and last time, he could allow himself to examine his lifelong successes and failures in complete and unbiased honesty. No time for self pity for this untimely end, now everything was about to come to a full stop. All that remained was the chance to cram as many memories as possible into the rest of his life. The first thought that came wasn?t of his wife or his children, but of himself as a child, strange he thought, why am I remembering this and not the birth of my son. ...read more.


When had his father stopped doing all these things, when had he suddenly become an old man? He looked deep into his father?s eyes and saw them look back with pride, and strength and deep down something else, hidden or not understood, something from his subconscious. He knew what it was, he had always known. Disappointment. Disappointment was lingering there behind the eyes, disappointment in him, disappointment in the child who had never said thank you for his yellow bike. Was this what he must take to the grave? Was he a selfish person, inconsiderate? He had never thought so before, only that he had a sense of entitlement and he should go about his life in order he get what he was entitled to. Had he disappointed everybody around him? He searched his mind and was instantly staring deep into his wife?s eyes. It didn?t bring him any joy now. Once it had, those eyes looked back at him with love and a gentle longing. ...read more.


He opened his mouth and screamed. The scream stopped abruptly, a small thud echoed up from the narrow alley between the tall buildings. Looking down from above the women saw the legs and arms twitch then everything was still and silent. Deadly silent. You fool, she thought, maybe she had loved him once at the beginning, but not later. It wasn?t because he left his socks lying on the floor every day, not really, or because he always forgot to put the lid back on the tooth paste, not even because he always managed to spray all around the toilet not just in it. Maybe it was just because he took her for granted day in day out. She was glad he hadn?t seen her creep up behind him, although a small part of her wished she could have looked in his eyes as he fell. He would have noticed her then she thought, he couldn?t ignore his murderer as easily as he could ignore his wife. What had been his last thought, she wondered, she doubted that it would have been about her. ...read more.

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