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Falling In Love: Is It Worth It?

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Falling In Love: Is It Worth It? by Hsu Chi Sometimes in the past, late at night, when it's too quiet to pretend, I worry if I believe in anything at all or at least in anything beautiful. I believed in change because it is permanent. I believed in pain because it is sometimes physical. I believed in anger because it can consume you. But I was not sure I can believe in either love or trust. I could not then understand these two things most people build their dreams on. Love fails to be unconditional by that one condition itself. It ends when we fall out of it. Then, we claim it never was love because love shouldn't die. It is forever. But when it becomes a routine (like saying "I love you" for instance), love does die. Lastly, when love turns selfish, confusing and burdensome, it isn't beautiful anymore. As for trust, it was self-explanatory until I doubted it. When curiosity gives way to suspicion, betrayal isn't far behind. For every failed judgment we ask ourselves: "Did I trust too little or too much?". It is difficult to shut up every question in favor of complete trust, only to realize too late something you could have known had you only asked. ...read more.


In desperation, unrequited lovers can even imagine signs if only to remain sane. How can you love a brick wall? A dead end? A slavery without any sign of salvation? How foolish! How unreasonable! Unfortunately, how human too! "Why won't he love me? What is wrong with me?", scattered thoughts echoing such pain are not exactly abnormal. Even the best-looking, best-hearted people can't always expect others to love them back. Why? People sometimes need to feel unloved by everyone so that they learn to love themselves. There is nothing wrong with unrequited love. It happens all the time. I wont delude you into thinking that if he can't love you back he is not worth it. In fact, believe that he is. He is worth it all: the headaches, the anxiety, the embarrassment, etc. He is worth it because, like you, he needs others loving him. This sounds funny but the world is round for a reason. We are all part of a circle. If you love him and he loves someone else, just think of whom you're hurting by loving him. It's a cycle. Whose love are you not returning? I know we can love deeply, tenderly, and lastingly. ...read more.


It was hard to accept that I have loved someone who had stopped loving me. Now, I couldn't help ask myself why do I no longer believe in these two beautiful ideas (love and trust). Why can't I give myself a chance to be in love again? Maybe I'm just too scared. Or perhaps, maybe because I had been waiting for a perfect moment, a perfect someone, and a perfect me. Maybe because I had always felt that beliefs ought to be perfect---ideal, so to speak ugh! At the end of the day, when all is said and done, loving without being loved back is the best thing to do because feeling so much pain, I learn to heal; knowing so much fear, I learn to stand up to anything; carrying so much sadness, I learn to glorify in joy. Love is not destroyed by a single failure or won by a single caress. It is a lifetime venture in which we're always learning, discovering and growing. Lastly, this may be a clich´┐Ż(c) but there is someone who is right for you (and even for me), and even if he's not, he'd still be right because loving doesn't make sense until you accept it and make it real. learn to love, and be loved. i <3 you! ---- YC could kiss my ass [ love peace chicken grease ] ...read more.

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