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family auto biography

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Family What would we do without our family? In my family I have a dad, a mum, one brother and three sisters, not to mention my three dogs all golden retrievers with lovely temperaments. It all sounds hectic but it's not! My parents are easy to live with, so are my two little sisters and my brother, we rub along together. My sister is hard to live with and she and I always fight. I have to share my room with my baby brother who wakes me up during the night. He can be a real pain sometimes. My other three sisters share a room together and my parents in another room. ...read more.


I had a lot of support in the infants but when I went to the juniors they just did not care about my education. Plus I had never got any help with my schoolwork. They were to busy and at the end of the day it comes down to money. That's why I have to now do an NVQ because my learning support was not very good. I have always been interested in computer games because you can get loads of fun out of it. Also they can teach you some good TechNet's. Sometimes things that I want to try are what we cannot do in our adult life. ...read more.


School has taught me well at English, Maths and Science. It also has helped me in the times of trouble. When I leave school I would like to get some qualifications and am hoping to go on to an apprenticeship in IT. In the future I would like to work in a school working, making, fixing computers. I think that this is a good job and it is what I have dreamt about being. I am determined to get where I want to go. There are things that I would like to change. These things are my handwriting and my effort. When I look back I am really grateful that I have choices that many people who don't even get education, will never have. ?? ?? ?? ?? Craig waters GCSE English course work. My life so far. ...read more.

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