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Family Day Out It was a hot summer's day in Florida and the Johnson family were on their way for a picnic on the beach

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Family Day Out It was a hot summer's day in Florida and the Johnson family were on their way for a picnic on the beach. They were all sitting patiently in their small car. The car was red with a dent on the side that could only be seen when you were inspecting it from a close distance. The inside of the car was very musky as they were all sweating from the heat of the sun, shining down through the windows and bathing the passengers of the car. Mr Johnson was driving with much caution. He was wearing a cheap-looking shirt that Mrs Johnson had brought on sale from a local shop of hers. It was obvious that it was on sale as it had already started losing colour. At that moment in time he was wiping the salty sweat off his head with a white handkerchief that had his initials embodied onto it. Mrs Johnson was sitting in the passenger seat at the front of the car. She was a wearing a rancid green dress that would make anyone feel slightly nauseas at the sight of it. She had golden hair that was tied in ponytail with a pink ribbon. Her eyes were the colour of the sky on a cloudless day. She was on the phone at that time with someone from her office. ...read more.


She also took out a bag of fried chicken which made John's stomach make a low rumble. As soon as she put the food on their plates, the kids turned into wild animals. Food was flying everywhere. Within 10 minutes the kids had scoffed down all their food not leaving single crumb on their plate but loads on the floor. "Mum can we go and play in the sea?" John asked. He waited anxiously for the answer. "Ok, but don't go too far," she said with a smile on her face. Mr and Mrs Johnson were still eating their lunch which was ham sandwiches with a small green salad on the side. Once they had finished Mr Johnson got up and went over to where his son was playing, leaving his wife to clean up the mess. She started by putting all hot plates in a plastic bag and then she started to put all the food away. She then went over to her daughter and started to help her make her sandcastle. When she arrived the sandcastle was more like a pile of sand that had just been put there, so she decided to re-model it to make it more like a castle. Her husband on the other hand was busy being buried in the sand by his son. His feet and head were the only part of the body that you could see of his. ...read more.


They had only got 10 metres away from their children when a man walked up to them with a serious and anxious face. He was quite short and had ginger hair. He was wearing a black t-shirt that had local police written on it. He approached the Johnson's who were very startled. "Excuse me, can I have a word please?" he said while still approaching them. "I'm from the local police force, we were given an anonymous tip that the Wilsdon Kidnapper is here on this beach. He's telling parents that he's lost a child and whether they can help look for the child. When they do help, he snatches their kids. Here's a picture of him." He handed over a picture of a man exactly like the man they had just met. Mr and Mrs Johnson's hearts started thumping fast as they realised who the man with the lost kid truly was. They felt their bodies fill up with fear and dread. Mr Johnson was now sweating more then anything while Mrs Johnson had broken down into tears. "We've seen him, he was right over there." Said Mr Johnson, while turning ever so slowly, "Right over there," now pointing at the place where his kids were standing before they left them. Mrs Johnson suddenly fell to the ground screaming, "HE"S TAKEN MY KIDS, HE"S TAKEN MY KIDS. SOMEBODY HELP ME!" The father bent down low and embraced his wife and they sat there sobbing together, while the sand glued itself onto their clothes. ...read more.

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