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Family Madness Wei Chih was a smart man and was very anti-social.

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´╗┐English Short Story Family Madness 2010 ________________ English Short Story ________________ Family Madness Clifton Leung 26/03/2010 ________________ ________________ Family Madness ________________ Wei Chih was a smart man and was very anti-social. He didn?t talk to anyone or communicate with the outside world. He always looked at the negative side of things and does not really know what happiness is. His parents didn?t care about him. When Wei Chih was a little boy his name was Vincent Chih. His parents only cared about Vincent?s brother, Jonathan Chih. Jonathan was more talented than Vincent so his parents only cared for him. Vincent despised his brother and his parents so he tried to run away but he couldn?t, he knew that he couldn?t get money, food and all the necessities that you need to live. ...read more.


He was rushed to hospital and had severe injuries to his head and his upper body. He was recovered back to normal but he lost his memory except he knew that his parents had run him over. He forgot his name so he called himself Wei Chih. He was now 21 years oldHe then ventured out to the city where he met a guy called Jonathan. Jonathan had blonde brownish hair, quite muscular and had a gang which he called the Drunken Leaves. He tried to invite Wei Chih but he didn?t want to be in a gang. So he left and looked for work at a school to teach math. ...read more.


He was still outrage at what his parents did to him when he was a kid and when they had run Wei Chih over. He arrived at his parent?s place ready to have his revenge. Wei Chih bashed his parents to death leaving them to suffer like he had suffered when he was younger. As his parents bled to death, they called the police and they immediately arrested Wei Chih and the Drunken Leaves. They were all sentenced to the firing squad to die. He then thought why he did kill his parents and his brother and realised his family meant everything to him even though they didn?t appreciate what he did. He said the Lord?s Pray and then grinned and the firing squad opened fire. ________________ March 26, 2010 Clifton Leung Page ...read more.

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