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Fang Fever.

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Shameen Belone 11z Fang Fever 'Now time for a summary of the main news headline tonight. The teenage boy who went missing a week ago from his home in Pulsevein Lane, Haemodale has been found safe and well. A farmer found Kit Alucard lying unconscious in a decrepit old barn in Bannings Field. After receiving minor hospital treatment, Kit was diagnosed with having suffered a concussion and amnesia, and was also found to have two suspicious puncture wounds in the side of his neck, which are not thought to be infectious. He is now at home recuperating in bed before the reopening of Bloodbrook Junior High. And now over to Martine with the weather...' The ten year old black and white television, which was perched precariously on the end of Lisa Mona's desk crackled and spluttered with the efforts of broadcasting the news, which was testing the old television to its limits. After hearing the news, Lisa breathed a heavy and deliberate sigh of relief. Of course, being one of Kit's best friends, she has already been informed by Mrs. Alucard of this news, but it was relieving for Lisa to hear it on an official news report. ...read more.


Loren Alucard was usually such a jolly, bright person. The woman standing here was dark and mysterious, clothed in an old-fashioned, gothic dress, with jet black hair resting on her stiff shoulders. Despite this shocking transformation, Lisa still vaguely recognised her to be Kit's mother. Usually, she wore bright, flowery, oversized summer dresses. And as far as Lisa could remember, she had been a brown eyed blonde when she last saw her. Now her eyes were an astonishing shade of green which looked almost unnatural and beneath her eyes were dark rings which made her look as though she had not slept in weeks. Her lips were blood-red, and her face a sickly pale shade of white. Lisa felt a little scared of what she was looking at, and decided to see Kit quickly and get out of there as fast as she could. 'Of course you can see Kit. I am sure he will be very happy to see you. Follow me. He's in his room, I'm sure you know the way.' Kit's mother's voice was unusually deep, and monotonous. Maybe it's because of the anguish when Kit went missing, Lisa thought. ...read more.


'Oh Mom, I am so glad you are here with me.' Lisa said, as she discretely checked the room to make sure that she and her mother were alone. 'Well, I will always be here for you Lisa, always...' 'Oh Mom. Don't cry! Come give me a hug.' coaxed Lisa. Naturally unsuspicious of her daughter wanting a hug, Mrs. Mona approached her bed-ridden daughter, and leaning over, gave her a tight hug. The smell of Mrs. Mona's Evening Primrose talcum powder wafted up Lisa's nose, as she threw her head back and emitted a small laugh. Lisa held her mother and before she could scream, hungrily sank her teeth through Mrs. Mona's skin, and began sucking the blood out of her jugular vein. Mrs. Mona shot her daughter one last withering look before her eyes rolled into the back of her head, and she went limp. Lisa released her grip and let her mother's lifeless body slip to the floor with a loud thud. Lisa smiled, her newly acquired taste had been satiated, for now at least. Lisa heard a light tapping at the window. She turned, and saw Kit's face smiling at her through the window pane. Lisa was ready to join him. She threw the duvet off herself and stretched. Her new feed had given her new life and energy. The new generation of vampires had now begun... ...read more.

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