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Fantasy Dinner Party

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Fantasy Dinner Party It was about ten minutes before the guests were supposed to arrive. I was in the dining room with my mom giving the room its finishing touches, just making sure all the cutlery was clean and everything was neat and tidy. Even though my mom was there helping me, she wasn't actually staying for the diner party. It's not because I didn't want her there, she said she wouldn't stay because she didn't want to ruin the evening by accidentally embarrassing me. It was now about five minutes to seven, there was five minutes left until the dinner party actually started, my heart was starting to beat faster, I was getting more nervous as I watched the clock ticking, I was so nervous every tick seemed to be getting louder and louder. I knew the guests should be arriving any minute now, and then I realized my mom was still here, I told her to hurry up and get ready so she could leave before anybody arrived. ...read more.


I asked him if he would like a drink or an appetizer, he said he was alright for now. I began to speak to him about his career as a television presenter on Top Gear. He was telling me about all the different cars he had driven and the different countries he had been to test drive cars. As the conversation went on, I remembered the one question I had always wanted an answer too, so I paused Jeremy as he was speaking and then asked him the question everybody wanted to know. "Who is The Stig?" He began to laugh and then told me he can't reveal the answer to that question so I didn't bother trying to pressure him in telling me. The doorbell rang again so I went to see who it was, it was The Game and Thierry Henry. ...read more.


Everybody ordered their starters and the caterers brought the food through. Everybody seemed to be enjoying their meal, then all of a sudden The Game had "accidentally" spilt his glass of wine and it tipped into 50 Cents plate. 50 Cent stared at The Game with a hard mean look and asked if he was going to apologize, The Game looked at him and laughed. 50 Cent jumped out of his seat and said you think this is funny, I should kick your punk ass now fool! Jeremy Clarkson stepped in and started to try and talk with an American slang thinking he would make the situation better, but in fact he made it worse, for himself. The Game sat down again, 50 Cent was still standing with and then he just stormed out and left. I was in complete shock and I think most of us were but I said lets just continue with the evening and not let this bother us. ...read more.

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