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Far from the madding crowd

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Frank Troy and Gabriel Oak are two very different characters in Far from the madding crowd. Compare the characters Gabriel Oak and Frank Troy. Francis Troy and Gabriel Oak are two different characters. Francis Troy is a handsome, charming and outgoing young man while Gabriel Oak is an honest, reliable farmer. I think Gabriel Oak has been shown as a man with better personality and character than Francis Troy. Although Troy is a handsome and charming guy, in character wise I prefer Gabriel. Gabriel is a very kind man; he was always kind to Bathsheba and was always there for her when ever she needed him. When Boldwood and Troy were trying to marry her he jus stayed quiet and let it happen even though he loves her so much deep down. ...read more.


on the streets and gives her a shilling, even though he did not know her, he feels sorry for her because she was is a very bad state. Fanny accepted what she got from Gabriel happily. In the novel Gabriel says "since you are not very well off, perhaps you would accept this trifle from me. It is only a shilling, but it all I have to spare". This shows that even if he hasn't got much money he still gives hand to people, to he feel is in need. Francis Troy is a very charming and handsome person but I feel that he is very irresponsible. At the beginning of the novel he fell in love Fanny Robin and gets her pregnant. ...read more.


were uncovered and if it would have rained then all the hay would have got wet and she would have lost of money, again I feel this is also another good example to show how irresponsible Troy was. Earlier in the novel Fanny come to visit Troy, he quiet does not realise it's Fanny. He asked "what girl are you". He doesn't remember the fact, that he had promised Fanny that he would marry her even though he mentioned it lots of times that he would marry her. This shows that Troy does not stick to his words. Troy wasn't shown as the terrible person through out the novel, especially after Fanny's death. He gets a tombstone for her and plants flowers on her grave. This shows that he hasn't always been a cold hearted person and that he did have a soft corner for Fanny because he did love her after all. ...read more.

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