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Far From The Madding Crowd

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Far From The Madding Crowd Essay Thomas Hardy wrote Far From The Madding Crowd in 1874. Hardy showed the people what like was like in the eighteen hundreds, the main audience were middle class urban dwellers who wanted to escape from the urban lifestyle. When Hardy wrote the book Dorset was a place of rural poverty, because people worked long hours with out days off. There were large inequalities, as non-residents who were quite wealthy owned much of the land. Farm workers mostly lived in cottages. They earned very little money and if made unemployed would have to go to a workhouse. As there was a lack of transport it ment that accents were always present. In addition, the fact that people rarely moved from their birth placement the accents were preserved. Women were in an inferior position socially, legally and politically. Professional jobs were for men only and they were expected to obey their husbands. In 1870, the married women's property act allowed them to keep �200 of their own earning. ...read more.


He does not like being dressed in formal attire. He has a watch which was passed down from father to son, which suggest that he treasures his family possessions and values the past and family traditions. He is described as a very skilled and practical man. "He stood and regarded it ... as a work of art." this tells us that Gabriel relies just as much on the sun and the stars to tell the time as the watch. Also this illustrates to us that he is very in tune with nature and connects with the natural world easily. He represents parts of rural England that Hardy loved, such as the solid, quiet virtues of rural England. Gabriel is a man of deep feeling and imagination. Seeing Bathsheba partly obscured by a clock at night, his imagination painted her beauty. He appreciated the beauty of the night sky, plays the flute and sings in the choir. The fact that he plays the flute represents a different side to Gabriel oak. ...read more.


Bathsheba on the bible equivalent. In the bible King David loves a beautiful woman names Bathsheba. He gets Bathsheba's husband killed so he could marry her. This represents her as someone who can easily get a mans affection and suggest she's a temptress. This also shows that many men would do anything to be with her. Gabriel, Troy and farmer Baldwood all seem to have and obsession with her, Baldwood even kills Troy so he can get closer to Bathsheba. The plot of Far From The Madding Crowd unfolds over three years. From December of the first year to January of the fourth year. The opening of the novel describes the natural world alive and changing. "The leaves simmered and boiled in the breeze." This suggests that it is cooking alive and that it is changing. Just as the seasons change so does Gabriel and Bathsheba's relationship. This tells us that it will be significant. Gabriel and Bathsheba meet in the winter; this is symbolic of their relationship because it is built to with stand difficult times. In the summer Troy and Bathsheba meet, this symbolises that they have a fair weather romance that can't with hold hard times. ...read more.

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