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Far From The Madding Crowd by Thomas HardyDescribe the activity you undertook: Produced a role play where we had to improvise and be Bathsheba, Fanny and Liddy. They were brought together for a meeting where the topic "Women Exploitation

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GCSE English Reading: Response to Poetry -Oral Assessment Name: Georgina Oakford Cand. No. Centre No. Text, Title, Topic or Question for assessment: Far From The Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy Describe the activity you undertook: Produced a role play where we had to improvise and be Bathsheba, Fanny and Liddy. They were brought together for a meeting where the topic "Women Exploitation" arose. I took on the role as Liddy. Describe your preparation for the task Read Far From The Madding Crowd Watched film Researched background and characters Produced a role-play of Bathsheba, Fanny and Liddy. Make notes of the key points you deal with regarding social, historical and cultural issues in comparison: Views on women and how the use of vocabulary is used to distinguish between the different classes. ...read more.


She had been de-valued. How does your presentation include references to: * The writer's style, structure and characterization? * The writer's use of language? My presentation structure was based on a scene that did not appear in the book. Bathsheba, Fanny and Liddy had come together and discussed the way in which men dominated women. Because our role play was based on three main constant characters, it was easy to know about their backgrounds and personalities as I had already researched them. The book also gave some important information. The vocabulary used was based on the vocabulary in the book and we showed this in our presentation by using some of the text as references. ...read more.


The presentation was based on a script, which helped speech flow easily and make sense. The script also meant if we got lost we could locate our self on the script and carry on or improvise. We did improvise some speech meaning our attention was not always on our script as this would have been quite dull. Movement was also used to make our role play more interesting and effective for the audience to watch. Overall, I think our role play was quite effective in bringing to light woman exploitation as we used the characters past experiences so some of the audience could identify and relate to the book also. Signature: Teacher's Notes: ...read more.

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