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'Far from the madding crowd' - Several natural catastrophes happen over the course of the novel; the dog’s driving the sheep off the cliff, the fire, the sheep’s feeding upon young clover, the storm - What role do these events play with respect

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Several natural catastrophes happen over the course of the novel; the dog's driving the sheep off the cliff, the fire, the sheep's feeding upon young clover, the storm. What role do these events play with respect to the character of Gabriel? 'Far From the Madding Crowd' is a novel based in the fictitious rural county of Wessex. The book is based around Gabriel Oak, a hard-working, kind-hearted farmer who has become destitute, and the love of his life, Bathsheba Everdene. It goes on to explore the hardships that farmers in 19th century England faced and how these problems were over come by Gabriel. Bathsheba Everdene is introduced to us as a very attractive, pompous woman. She is also described as a flirt and is guilty of leading many men on. Throughout the book Farmer Oak is portrayed as the stronger character and is always coming to the rescue of his 'damsel in distress', Bathsheba. ...read more.


It also shows that he is a caring person. We are also shown that Gabriel Oak is a natural leader. On page 52 he is giving orders to strangers and everyone was listening to him. He also managed to organize the ramble of workers into an assembly line. The leadership skills help shine out his strong personality. We are also shown that Gabriel is very knowledgeable about farming matters. This is shown when he manages to get the fire under control. We are also told about his skill when Bathsheba and her servant are talking. Just before chapter 21 Farmer Oak was dismissed from the farm by Bathsheba. At the beginning of this chapter all of the sheep have swallowed young clover. This is fatal for the sheep and as a result Bathsheba faces becoming destitute just like Gabriel was. This chapter emphasizes how skilled Gabriel is. In the chapter it says that an operation is needed in the sheep and that only one man knows how to perform it. ...read more.


He is putting his love for Bathsheba informed of everything and is even risking his own lfe by working in those conditions yet with nobody fit enough or willing to help him he is the only able man left. This also shows bravery. During the storm Bathsheba comes out to help Gabriel and they work together for a while and have a long conversation. However Gabriel once again puts his love for Bathsheba first and tells her that her help is not needed. This shows that he does not want Bathsheba getting hurt in the storm even though this would result in Gabriel staying out for longer. The book shows that Gabriel Oak's character is so strong, knowledgeable and pure that he is able to overcome the tests given to him by Mother Nature. Gabriels purity helps him through life, his knowledge enables him to put right what nature has made wrong and his strength and determination show that Gabriel can cope with any problem that is thrown his direction. I believe that these are the qualities that help Gabriel Oak get a mastery of Nature. Anuj Khamar ...read more.

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