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Farenheit 451

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Bobby Sharma Mr. Catrette Literature and Writing 1 7 June 2009 The Hero's Journey of Guy Montag People throughout their lives, become different people. They change in many ways including how they act, their ignorance levels change, and they can even become different people. Guy Montag, a so-called "fireman", goes through this change in Ray Bradbury's novel Fahrenheit 451. In the dystopian world of Fahrenheit 451, these "firemen", ironically, start fires to burn books, instead of putting out fires. At first, Montag is one of these ignorant, technologically controlled, dehumanized "fireman", and fits in perfectly with the average crowd. By analyzing key events throughout the novel, Montag seems to change his ways and starts question this system of burning books. Montag experiences many encounters of different people such as Faber and Clarisse and other life changing events that motivates Montag, which prompts him to become free from this technology filled world. ...read more.


He changes in so many ways. Montag now became less ignorant and more knowledgeable. Clarisse is a positive influence on him. She loves to talk to Montag, ask him questions about himself, and talking about worldly affairs and its wonderful sites. Clarisse is portrayed as a very unique and interesting girl in the novel, "...I like to watch people. Sometimes I ride the subway all day and look at them and listen to them, I just want to figure out who they are and what they want and where they're going...Or I listen at soda fountains...People talk about nothing..." (32-33). Clarisse guides Montag to look around and experience the beauty of nature itself instead of thinking about something else and skip the beautiful parts of life. Clarisse help him see the real happiness behind life, the great beautiful outdoors Clarisse teaches Montag to look around and to pay attention to what is really important in life, just not what his society tells him. ...read more.


This can refers back to the epic The Odyssey, in which Odysseus washes up the shore of the Kingdom Fascia. He is washed on shore naked or free of all sins. Also, in the Christian religion, baptizing someone is done with water and bathing oneself. Montag is bathed in the holy water and is pure and life-like, unlike all of the rest of the civilization who are in a totally dehumanized form of state. Another way how Montag crossing the river is symbolic is because rivers represent life. When he is in the river he is reborn to a more intellectual self. At first, the civilization was no very life-like, but after crossing the river; Montag became full of life and became a new self. Montag at the start of the novel Fahrenheit 451, was an ignorant and lifeless dehumanized creature. As the novel went on, he had many experiences which lead him to live another life, one that actually has a meaning to it., instead of watching television all day and having fake relationships with nonexistent things. Sharma 1 ...read more.

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