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Farmhand, She Dwelt Among Untrodden Ways

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Song of Ourselves COMMENT ON THE WAY THE CHARACTER IS CREATED IN THE FOLLOWING POEMS: > FARMHAND, > SHE DWELT AMONG THE UNTRODDEN WAYS. The two poems, although written in two very different periods, express the same attitude towards judging others before acquaintance. This act is bigoted and in the two poems, we learn how both characters, who seem unsophisticated at a first glance, are actually quite profound at heart. We learn this through a strong use of metaphors referring to the nature around them. In this essay, I will portray how this use of imagery accentuates the effect on the reader. Despite 'She Dwelt Among Untrodden Ways' being an extremely concise poem, it is replete with deep meaning and this is actually why it is one of the most pleasant poems I have studied. The poem isn't actually about Lucy herself, more on the effect her departure has had on him. The poem consists of three stanzas. The first stanza has a dismaying mood. The reason being is because it informs the reader of how the character 'Lucy' was a single woman for 'whom there were none to praise' and 'very few to love'. This makes the reader feel empathy towards her as no one should live like that. The prepositions 'among' and 'beside' reveal her character as a spectator and never a participant in the crowd. ...read more.


On the contrary, I think that that was the point Wordsworth was trying to make; that her way of life and character were so isolated that nobody noticed her when she was gone. He was the only one to notice and appreciate Lucy and she wasn't even aware of it. 'Farmhand' is similar to 'She Dwelt Among Untrodden Ways', as it portrays another character of the opposite sex whose living a similar life to Lucy's- isolated and unseen. The poet, James K. Baxter, uses words from the character's natural environment, consistently, as a metaphor to emphasise its effect as nature is commonly known. We know that Farmhand is not keeping himself from others but is being alienated by them as the poet writes 'but his eyes always turn to the dancefloor'. This phrase signifies that he is yearning for something which is most probably out of reach. This is because no matter how much fun he may be having, he still turns to look at what is out of bounds. 'Girls drifting like flowers' accentuates females' grace and feminism. 'Drifting' implies the girls are dancing to music or swaying 'like flowers'. This term could also be used in contrast to what is written in the third and fourth stanza. The last two lines of the second stanza suggest many things. ...read more.


Farmhand feels rejected by women because of his inhuman, unappealing features which are the result of his love for work on the farm. Both characters are expressed through an effective use of imagery such as metaphors ('a violet by a mossy stone'), similes ('Fair as a star'/'Listening like a lover'), assonance ('dove', 'none', 'love'). Rhyme ('strong'-'song', 'making'-'breaking'/ 'Dove'-'love', 'eye'-'sky'). Such simplicities in a poem create profound depth and make them all the more eloquent. I, personally, like 'She Dwelt among Untrodden Ways' better than 'Farmhand' as it gives the reader something to contemplate upon. This is because the story in the poem is of a young woman who lived alone, had no one to hold, didn't notice those who cared, wasn't noticed by anyone herself and died young. This causes the reader to feel empathetic towards her, also allowing one to realise that life is too short to lived alone, unspoken. The poet, Wordsworth, is expressing his sorrow in this poem, showing hints of regret that he didn't tell her how he felt and how he realised that he'd never get that chance again. The moral of this is that if there's an opportunity at something greater in life, take it...you might not get that chance again. However, 'Farmhand' also has its own moral which is to not judge others by their appearance. Farmhand was and in turned out that he was a sensitive, diligent man. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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