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Fast food- persuasive writing

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´╗┐Fast food Persuasive Fast food is an easy and convenient way to get food as it is ready to eat at a moments notice. How ever, many people including me have very negative things to say about unhealthy greasy fast food, even though it is popular around the world. There has been an explosion of business making fast food In the United States where many people believe it is perhaps too popular. In most streets one can find a variety of fast food restaurants throughout many countries, and the most popular is McDonald?s. How ever Fast food can affect health and people minds. Fast food affects us in many negative ways. People who are professionals in medicine do not agree with this kind of food and the way it is prepared. ...read more.


This pattern of health can even been seen in schools where children are eating fast food regularly and getting said affects such as spots all over there faces and fat building up some are even so fat they can not even see there toes. For example, in my High School I saw many boys and girls with weight problems which struggle to get up stairs, and they could not keep up with the rest off class in activities some even get, and also had respiratory problems most of the time. We have time to improve this pattern by eating good healthy food and making a change or putting a band to it. However, you do not need to be smart to know that fast food is full of fat grease and calories therefore people should know that ...read more.


If they continue to do this, their bodies start changing and there minds and they turn into fast food addicts. There are some children who are as young as 12 years old who hocked on. How ever, probably already know this. The funny thing is, like you, most of the world doesn't seem to care. The fast food restaurants continue to do just fine because people continue eating their unhealthy food. I have decided that if you are still going to eat this junk, you might as well at least know which the best and worst (of the worst) are In conclusion, fast food can do many negative things to people should be careful and take care of their lives and health. In reality I do not often eat fast foods And I recommend my friends and family not to either. Ibrahim Mohamed 3r9 ...read more.

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