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Fate Unexpected

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Fate unexpected Ever since my mother had died five months ago, my father had become as hard as rock. You could tell that he missed her, even though he didn't say anything. Through his silence, I could see his distress. My father had always been a man of great pride yet behind this fa´┐Żade there was a story of pain and frustration. My mother's death had led him into depression and this had its own grave consequences. As long as I can remember, I had never known my father to express his feelings and emotions. He was a stern man, whose strict morals and rules would always send a trickle down my spine. We had never had a loving relationship as I had always longed for. However, he was my father, and we shared a bond; I could sense that something was wrong. Recently he had seemed to be letting himself go... It was evident that he had a drinking problem. Yet no matter how hard I tried, my efforts to encourage him to stay sober always seemed to go in vain. Being his oldest child all the responsibilities fell onto me. ...read more.


Within minutes there was a flashing of blue and red lights protruding into the house. I ran to the door, faced with a loud thudding from the other side. Hurriedly, I thrust the door open to reveal a clustering of people, medics rushing into the house with a stretcher and passers by watching the uproar of the situation. Never before had I seen my father, the man who I had feared and respected for all these years, look so vulnerable before my very own eyes struggling for his life. I awoke the next morning to find myself, nestled in a hard, leathery chair. The events of the previous night seemed like a dream. My head was violently pounding as I struggled to sit upright. I looked around me to be faced with reality. Next to me was my father, lying on his high hospital bed, oblivious to his surroundings. As I turned my head, I caught sight of a figure dressed in a white coat. He caught a glimpse of me and began to walk in my direction. "Are you Mr. Preston's daughter?" the doctor questioned. "Yes-" I replied anxiously. ...read more.


I had never been so afraid in my life, so vulnerable, so isolated. This was it, I knew that I had to let go. "I love you Dad, and I'll miss you! Tell mum I love her as well" The last words faded away into the unforgiving air, as I watched my father's life slip away, never to return. Silently, I walked up to his bed and stroked his forehead, kissing him on the cheek for the first yet final time. Tears strolled down my cheek and dropped onto his lifeless, grey hand. He looked so peaceful, as if he were given a sense of release, I looked at him one final time, kissed his hand goodbye and finally let go. As I walked out of the hospital, my eyes heavy with tears and my mind filled with thoughts, I wondered what was in my destiny next. Surely there was nothing left for me in this world now; I had no-one... Yet why did I feel as if there was something that was waiting for me? My instinct was telling me that life had a lot more in store for me. It wasn't until many years later that I found out what this was. It wasn't until many years later that I found out about fate. ?? ?? ?? ?? English coursework Creative writing ...read more.

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