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Father's Love

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FATHER'S LOVE I lived in the city with my father. Recently, I bought a new house which is light, large and comfortable. But since we lived in the new house, my father always had been tired. He was often sleeping in bed, loudly snoring in the day. The snore that reverberated in the whole new house made me unable to focus on my work and I couldn't sleep well. Because I was a freedom contributor who sometimes worked in the night and sometimes slept in the daytime. Because I wanted to earn the money to live, pay off the debt and buy the new house. I had an occupational disease of neurasthenia, so I needed a quiet situation for resting and working. And also I was afraid that he maybe had some senile illness. Because I knew some people who were the same age as my father had senile dementia. ...read more.


I always hoped that he could go out to do something to relieve his weariness. Although I complained with my father, my father could understand me. Everyday my father came back in time and cooked for me. Then he would go out again. One day, I asked my father what did he do and where he wanted to go. My father answered "No, nothing." And then went out. When he came back again, I said, "You should take care of yourself, and eat something nutritious." Because I felt that my father was getting thinner than before. But his skin became whiter. And my father told me that he was healing and strong, he was fine. Although I still worried about him, I didn't say any more words. I thought maybe I was suspicious, but at last I knew that, in fact, I was careless with my father and blamed him wrongly. ...read more.


My friends asked me "Is he your father?" because I wanted to let everyone know he was my father and I was his son. I felt at that moment I understood, appreciated and respected my father more than other time. Before I ashamed to do the things that made my father angry. I understood why he was in the bed at the daytime but went out at night. But I was too careless to notice that there was no snoring noise from my father's room At this time father had receive money from the customer and told me that he had saved 1000 dollar for me .he just wanted to help me pay off the lending quickly. My father's fellow said :"hi guy, your father was sleep on the chair every daytime, for not interrupting you, ----hay, a father's love is always silent but it is the greatest love for his child. Hearing her words, my eyes were filled with tears. I will remember father's silent love forever. ...read more.

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