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Fear Essay

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English Fear Essay Homework 7th June 02 It was the 11 o'clock and the sky was misty and very dark with the moon glistening in the night sky, it was a crisp evening there were not many people around with the slight murmur off the traffic passing by. While this was going on Jamie and her friends and the crowd following behind had just walked out of the cinema after the nerve-racking film 'the fear'. The evening was getting colder as it drew later, they were all waiting for their parents to come and pick them up. They all had some time to kill as they started to walk around they saw a group of boys who looked like they were the girls age, they were looking at the boys smiling and giggling, they casually walked away into Mc Donald's. 11.30 came round and 3 of the girls had left while the rest of the girls including Jamie were still there. "God, where is my mum? She knew what time to pick me up always the same!" ...read more.


She said goodbye and ran into her car begins to pull off, her mother notices that Jamie is left on her own she stops, winds down her window and shouts to her "are you okay do you need a lift home?" Jamie reply's "no thanks my mum will be her any minute." "Well would you like me to wait until she arrives?" asks Leigh's mum. "No that's fine, seriously she will been her very soon, but thanks anyway" "Okay well ring Leigh as soon as you get home ring or send a message to her phone, you have your mobile on you right?" "Yeah I have, thanks for the concern. Leigh I'll see you tomorrow" She waves goodbye and winds the window up and pulls the car off and drives away, Jamie not even knowing where her mum was she was very worried. As the night gets later and colder she tries to find a warmer place to wait she starts to walk off when she notices some of the boys that were around earlier. ...read more.


She felt like her heart would explode, she saw them all laughing at her moving closing every second, moving into her, her panting continued and grew louder. Jamie standing in the middle of a crowd boys, she was still crying her heart out, She finally got the courage to shout at them "WHAT DO YOU WANT!" they continued to laugh at her while one of the boys pulls out a knife, her question was answered... Hours passed, she woke, and pain running down her spine, she wiped her hands across her face then looked at her hand covered in blood and could hardly see out of her eyes from the bruises. Her coat had gone her money and phone were gone too, and for those small items she had been left for dead! She couldn't even move! She was looking at the sun appearing through the night sky, in the background she heard sirens from an ambulance getting closer and closer. She tries to scream but no noise was coming out she tried to open her eyes and saw an image over her then heard a murmur that was becoming clearer second by second. It was a paramedic. Safe at last the pain was over but she knew the fear would never leave her! ...read more.

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