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Fear is a central theme in ‘The Clubfooted Grocer.’ and ‘The Red Room.’ Analyse, compare and contrast its role and development in the two stories.

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Kirsten Home. Fear is a central theme in 'The Clubfooted Grocer.' and 'The Red Room.' Analyse, compare and contrast its role and development in the two stories. Fear is an unpleasant emotion we experience from the coming of danger or the unknown. As so many people experience fear from different things, in different ways, many authors have made it a central theme of their stories. One main type of fear used in many ghost stories, is fear of the unknown. But as we have scene from the 'Club footed grocer' we can experience fear in different ways from different things, e.g. death, danger, darkness etc. The setting and atmosphere of a story can really add to the sense of fear. 'The Clubfooted Grocer' is mainly set in a house (Greta House), in a 'Lonely part of North England' near Congleton, which seems very isolated and far from civilisation. The Nephew (The Narrator) creates a lot of fear from the journey he makes to meet his uncle, his feelings of anxiety and dread 'build up' to the main fear as he describes, "With every fresh incident I felt that I was moving in an atmosphere of mystery and peril." ...read more.


But he does not describe much emotion or seam effected by what happened, his actions could make the reader realise the terror he is experiencing. This is seen from the way he was weary of all his surroundings and was desperate to escape from the seamen who were endangering his life. In 'The Red Room' the way the narrator is effected by fear is more obvious. As at the beginning of the story, the narrator seams to be a very brave, cynical, inquisitive young man who is very determined to visit the 'Red Room' to see what the three old people believe is in there. These qualities of the narrator vanish after he is visited by the presence, he becomes very weak and venerable, as he was proved wrong and there was a presence in the room. All the other characters in both the stories help to intensify the fear created. In the 'Club Footed Grocer' there are a number of different characters. There is the Uncle (Mr Stephen Maple) who is the main victim of the fear, his lifestyle in isolation from danger and the wounds the sailors had given him before seam to strike the nephew and makes him realise the danger he is in. ...read more.


The two authors only use similar techniques in their use of imagery but otherwise the writer of 'The Club Footed Grocer' does not use as much vocabulary and repetition to intensify the fear. Overall, the author of 'The Red Room,' creates the fear in his story as being something that is created in your mind from things that we do not understand or experience very often. The author of 'The Club Footed Grocer,' perceives fear as being of the same things but not really created in your mind but from real events. So the authors see fear in different ways but not created from different things. If the two authors were to swap over the type of stories and rewrite them themselves e.g. the writer of 'The Red Room,' to write a sensation fiction story, the stories would be completely different in structure and language. On the whole there are about as many differences as similarities in the setting, characterisation, plot and language. They may be very similar in setting and the use of characters but as they are different types of stories there use language differs, as the stories require different writing techniques to make them such individual, interesting stories. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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