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Fear Schedule.

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Fear Schedule Jack knew there was something out there; something trudging the hallway in the early hours of the morning. Although he never saw it visually, he sensed it's presence in the small dark room. Mysterious footsteps in the hallway on the creaking floor, a sudden drop of temperature and soft - whispered mumblings in the darkest depths of the room sent this eight - year old boy into a paranoid frenzy. .............................. Jack was as ordinary eight - year old, he attended school and shared the same interest as young boys his own age. The death of his mother when he was six years old hit him hard, he felt he had no will to go on and because his father Bill had fallen in to a state of emotional tatters young Jack was left to deal with his emotion by himself. He asked himself many questions, how could God do such a thing to him, how could he cause so much pain? He even began to question his belief in the existence of God. ...read more.


"I really miss her Dad, it's not the same when she is gone" he cried. "Mum has gone to a better place, a place where no illness can get her. Even though she is not with us in body she is with us in spirit and we need to accept that, we need to remember her for how she was. Now time for sleep, school tomorrow, Goodnight. Jack lay in bed thinking about his mother; the way in which she smiled, the fun they had enjoyed together and the smile that she put on his dad's face, he had not seen that smile in a while and it was painful for him to see. He wanted to help his father but he couldn't, nothing he could ever say would make it better. He remembered the day when his father had sat him down and explained to him that mummy wasn't well. His mother over the next few months had begun to fade away, the ever - present smile that was once there had turned into a complexion of exhaustion and pain, her mind was fully - functional but her body wasn't and Jack knew all to well that his mother would not be with him any longer. ...read more.


Creak.....Creak.....the footsteps had arrived, it was slow simultaneous steps on the elderly wooden floor, he panicked, pulling the duvet over his head he let out a short cry and felt the tears running down his cheeks and onto his knees up against his chest. He sensed something around him standing right beside him. He felt his breath slip away from him and his lungs tighten, this was truly a nightmare, unfortunately for Jack it was a nightmare which he would have to experience for real. He began to wheeze and fell into a state of pure agony, he tried to scream but nothing came out. His eyes faded out and through closed eyes he saw his life flash before his eyes, from the first birthday that he could remember to the first day at school and to the death of his mother. When Jacks eyes opened he was standing at the doorstep of his house, the door was ajar and the house was filled with an eerie mist that surrounded the rooms. Everything seemed to be in slow motion, his father was no where to be seen. ...read more.

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