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Fears and Phobias

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Fears and Phobias Everybody has experienced fear in their lives at one time or another and many people have irrational fears, for example people are scared of spiders even though human are bigger than them and they are unlikely to hurt them. But are fears useful and why do people have phobias, which can affect their day-to-day lives. In this piece I'll be talking about everything to do with fear and phobias. Phobias are totally irrational things that human beings experience they don't have any cause behind them and they can effect people way of living for example a claustrophobic person can't go into a room to see an exhibition because the room is either too small or too crowded this hinders the enjoyment of life. ...read more.


Superstition is a cause of fear as they are lead to believe if they do certain thing(s) something horrible will happen One fear that everyone seems to have is a fear of the unfamiliar to a certain extent that why some people are very uncomfortable with people or things which they think are somehow are different to them or different to what they're used to. People are also afraid of the unknown, which I think is a human instinct, as you don't know everything so can't really prepare your self for it another human instinct is a fear of no control in a particular situation as we feel powerless this naturally brings fear which make us panic. ...read more.


Horror books can also scare us as they can use the power of language very effectively and leave some aspects of the story left to your imagination, which could be scarier than what the author could of written. There is a certain feeling of contentment when you realise you're all right after being scared. People feel fear for lots of different reasons it could be a natural or a past experience it several other reasons like superstition. Some fears which we have have a cause behind them like a past experience which sometimes can be useful because it can make you more cautious in a particular situation. Fear can protect and give you a sense of danger. But fear can also very often be irrational and obsessive (phobias) and serve no purpose and can even affect your live. Aisha Trew 10B ...read more.

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