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Feature Article: Love and Self-Sacrifice in the Matrix Trilogy

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Feature Article: Love and Self-Sacrifice in the Matrix Trilogy The Matrix Trilogy can be viewed in a number of different ways. Some audiences saw the films as simply science fiction and the idea of good verses evil however many looked deeper to see the many others themes and ideas that the films put forward. One of the key themes that permeates all three films is the notion of self-sacrifice and how these acts of self-sacrifice come from love. The love is not always between two people and is not always the traditional style of love that we know but a love none the less. It also needs to be said that the acts of self-sacrifice are in some instances quite subtle and at other times very obvious. In the first movie "The Matrix" we see the theme of self-sacrifice come up quite early in the film We find Trinity monitoring Thomas Anderson, the hero of the film as he is believed to be the "One" by Morpheus. The One is believed to be the saviour of the human race and an extremely important person. ...read more.


She asks for a kiss from Neo in return, even though she knows Neo to be in love with Trinity. She learns from this kiss how much Neo and Trinity were willing to do for one another, and how much they are in love. This theme of love continues in the scene between Neo and the Architect. The Architect gives Neo a choice, to save the woman he loves, or the survival of the entire human race. Believing that he can both save Trinity and save the entire human race, he elects to save Trinity, despite the hopelessness of the situation. He saves Trinity, but also risks the extinction of the human race. This highlights the bond of love between two people, and how strong a bond of love can be. The writers choose to continue this theme of self-sacrificial love into the third movie, "The Matrix Revolutions". Neo's mind is trapped in a world between the real world and the Matrix...the Train Station. Here he meets a man called Rama-Kandra, who is a program from the Machine world. This program tells Neo that love is just a word, but what is behind that love is what matters. ...read more.


Zee would do anything to see Link again. The Kid would do anything to help Neo win the war. The theme of self-sacrifice runs right through to the conclusion of the film, where Neo pays the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom of human kind. He sacrifices himself, allowing Smith to copy himself onto Neo. The Machines then feed a virus into Neo's body in the real world. It spreads throughout all of the Smith clones, and destroys them all. Neo's body lays lifeless, and is carried away by the machines, as if he is to be given a hero's burial. He has sacrificed himself to end the war and save both Zion and the machine world. Self Sacrifice is, as can be seen above, one of, if not the most prevalent themes found in the Matrix Trilogy. It's something that everyone does, against incredible odds, in each part of the trilogy. Sometimes they live, sometimes they die, life did prevail, and a brighter future was found for all mankind. They all were willing to give their lives for love. Even the machines, whom we thought of as cold steel and programming, while some are just that, there are those that know what love is, and can express that love. Love and self-sacrifice are powerful things in this world, and are highlighted in this trilogy. ...read more.

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