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Feature Article Task - Teens and gangs.

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´╗┐Feature Article Task Surviving inequality: teens risking lives in gangs to get by Gun shots aren?t exactly the ideal sound one would want to wake up to, but for some teenagers the sound is part of their day to day lives. You wouldn?t find these youths on the streets of Beverly Hills or anywhere in Orange County, the sounds are heard in the poorest of neighbourhoods while the rich drive around town in their expensive cars. The divide between the poor and rich continues to grow while someone?s bank account also continues to grow Gangs and drug rings thrive on the poorest of neighbourhoods and the targets to be the messengers, are none other than the vulnerable teenagers who roam the streets looking for a sense of direction. These teenage messengers then eventually end up supplying the wealthy people who need their monthly ?doses?. For teenagers growing up in poor neighbourhoods, life isn?t always the easy or enjoyable and many teenagers in these neighbourhoods feel as though people will judge them for where they come from, and in some places this is the case. ...read more.


Gang involvement is so common in poorer neighbourhoods due to a number of factors but the most prevalent one is the factor of social inequality as poorer neighbourhoods have less opportunity for the youth when compared to affluent and suburban neighbourhoods which have the sense of community and safety needed to build an environment suitable for teenagers. Often it is seen that many teenagers who live in an area where there is a local thug join the gang out of fear as it would be better to have ?protection? than to die trying to protect oneself from the local gang. Of course now the question of the authorities must be raised and it might need to be asked what are the police doing about this? The police force often have many strains on their backs when it comes to this issue as there have been many gang related deaths of teens. Ever to often do teenagers get caught in the middle of the cross fire between justice and crime and the life of the youth is ended with the pull of a trigger. ...read more.


The youth needs to be educated as many great minds and lives are lost because of gang violence as each and every child has potential to do something with their lives. Prevention is the most effective method to accomplish a drop in crime and the government needs to provide more funding in schools as well to allow teenagers in these poorer areas to realise their own potential and so that they may have a chance of experiencing life beyond the violent streets they wake up to each morning. Inequality between neighbourhoods has caused many families grieves and many young people have died trying to survive in communities where death seems closer than survival. Teenagers shouldn?t have to grow up in a society where they gamble their lives in return for the hope of waking up the next morning. For some of the teenagers in poor neighbourhoods, everyday is a fight and they award themselves for surviving till the next day. It is appalling that they should have to live in a world like this and for that reason, the divide of social inequality needs to be narrowed for the future of the next generation. ...read more.

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