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Feeling angry?

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Feeling angry? Everyone feels angry sometimes Its normal and healthy to get angry when there is a good reason, and sometimes we just feel angry but we don't really know why. It is important to do something with our angry feelings and not bottle them up. But losing our temper may make things worse. It's how people express anger that can lead to problems. "In my family no-one shows they are angry...well, apart from my Dad. Everyone just keeps it inside. Sometimes I go up to my bedroom and just want to smash things up". If you are a young person and your anger is making things difficult for you, this imformation may be right for you. Why do we get angry? Here are just a few examples.... being hurt or abused being shown up in front of other people experiencing family changes like parents' divorce being let down´┐Żor letting ourselves down things being unfair having to do something we don't want to do not being listened to feeling lonely or rejected too much pressure from school or home someone dying or leaving us being unwell ourselves things not working out as we'd hoped Anger can show itself in lots of ways We might... hit other people shout at or pick on people mix with people who get us into trouble break things lose control wind people up ...or we might turn our anger and hurt feelings in on ourselves and this can lead to... ...read more.


I've done all my homework and everyone else is allowed out, but he and my step-mum expect me to stay in and help look after my sister". If there is a problem with someone, it might help for you to agree a certain time to sit down and discuss it later, rather than in the heat of the moment. Make sure you both have a chance to put your point of view across (and don't interrupt each other!). Once you know exactly what you both disagree on, take it in turns to think of solutions. It can help to write these down. If, after you have made an agreement, things occasionally slip back to how they were before, don't worry - this doesn't mean it isn't going to work. "I talked it over with dad and my step-mum. They didn't understand at first but I explained that I wasn't a kid any more and had my own life. We agreed that I could go out if I was back by 10 o'clock, and that I'd still baby-sit for them sometimes." Of course both sides may need to change. If you still feel stuck, there are always other people who are willing to listen and help (see help section). ...read more.


slow deep breaths when you feel anger coming on Drawing, painting or writing in your diary what you are feeling Running, cycling, playing football or other energetic sport Listening to a relaxation tape Getting into a good book or computer game Getting help Sometimes it's hard to know why we are feeling angry. Something might have happened a long time ago and now we find ourselves over-reacting to all sorts of things. Or sometimes we might find we can't talk to the person who makes us feel angry because they can't see their part in it, or we are scared of them. If this is the case, it can take a lot of courage to ask for help but it's important to try and talk to someone we trust like.... a friend or relation favourite teacher social worker youth worker Connexions adviser mentor school counsellor school nurse doctor If this isn't working, your family doctor could refer you to a counsellor or someone who could work with you to give you more skills to manage better. Your local child and family consultation service can help children and families with all sorts of difficulties. They will give you a chance to talk about how you feel. These services are confidential so your friends and school don't need to know about it if you don't want them to ...read more.

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