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Feelings and thoughts of Rebecca moving from her home

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Top of Form Written by: Mohamud Jama The thought and feelings of Rebecca moving from her home The shining sun smiled down onto the vast valleys of Sumergrove. The deep blue sea shimmered and glistened in the distance as smooth and sleek. Silver dolphins leapt gracefully out of the tranquil waves every now and then. The tall trees swayed gently in the calm breeze while they absorbed the clean, fresh air which surrounded them. ...read more.


She was wearing a grey dress, white blouse, white socks and black shoes. The black shoes were new and clean. In fact all of her clothes were clean and new. Rebecca walked slowly and sadly down the stairs leading to the garage. She was not known for that slow-walking tempo when coming down the stairs, in fact her father would call her "electricity" because to him it seemed like she was always in a race when coming down the tiny 18-step stairs like electrons in a circuit. ...read more.


To her it was everything and moving away from it was big. She stood by the open window, staring at the 200 year old classic brown wardrobe being left there for. The unexpected tears streamed down her soft, pale face as she looked around. It was like having a gun your head and being told to look around for the last time of your life. 'I'll miss you' she whispered softly. For her, this day was going to turn her life updside down forever. Bottom of Form ...read more.

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