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Fertility treatment - Describe the treatment for childless couples

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Fertility Treatment Describe the treatment for childless couples: Infertility has meant that many couples have had to adopt children for hundreds of years, however with the introduction of the many fertility treatments couples can now have a child naturally. There are many different types of fertility treatments: Artificial Insemination-Homologous or AIH requires masturbation or use of condom during intercourse for the collection of sperm. The technology also provide the choice of sex selection through X and Y sperm isolation. Gamete Intra-Fallopian Transfer or GIFT is a medication technique by withdrawing egg and injecting sperms at the same into the fallopian tube for fertilization. This would again require either masturbation or the use of condom. ...read more.


Surrogacy is the process of one woman carrying a child for another; the child is usually conceived with the sperm of the partner of the woman who is unable to carry a child. Alternative Methods: * Acupuncture: Acupuncture performed 25 minutes before and after IVF embryo transfer increased IVF pregnancy rates. Extremely fine needles are placed into certain areas of the body to stimulate the body. * Manual physical therapy: a manual manipulative physical therapy treatment, was shown in peer reviewed publications to improve natural and IVF pregnancy rates in infertile women in a 2004 study, and to open and return function to blocked fallopian tubes in a 2008 study. ...read more.


The AIH procedure has similar justifications as it uses both the husbands and wife egg and sperm. However the AID procedure is forbidden as it is considered adultery, which is the seventh commandment. Adultery is defined when a man has intercourse with a married woman, which is not his wife and this is the same as having donor sperm placed into a married woman's uterus. The procedure also caused problems with the identity of the child's parents. Surrogacy is strictly forbidden, surrogate motherhood or what is called "hiring a womb" is not allowed since it involves introducing the sperm of a male into the uterus of a woman to whom he is not married and, thus, it clearly falls under the specific category of transgressing the bounds of Allah. ...read more.

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