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Fight Back And We'll Let You Go I despised him for not fighting back, it was his own fault I suppose, we gave

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CREATIVE WRITING Fight Back And We'll Let You Go I despised him for not fighting back, it was his own fault I suppose, we gave him an opportunity to not get hurt, "fight back and we'll let you go", we say that to every one of our victims, only rarely do they ever fight back, I felt bad for what we were about to do. We saw him as he walked down the road, bottle of coke in one hand and a choc ice in the other, for him, the summer holidays was a sanctuary away from the bullying tormenters that laughed at him, being overweight and spotty is tough, especially amongst the predators that stalk the halls at school. As soon as I saw him I knew there was gonna be trouble, it was four in the afternoon and we'd not had a sniff of a fight for weeks. As soon as got that familiar tight knot of anticipation in the pit of my stomach, I felt sorry for the little bastard and what we were about to do. Obviously the other lads didn't feel the way I did, Mark, James, Steve, Rick and Sty; they were my best mates, almost family, my brothers if you will. We were all sixteen, except Mark whose seventeen and the meanest bastard there is. ...read more.


A few days later we spotted our new target, a gangly kid walking down the same street singing the latest Westlife song to himself. Rick blocked his path. "Sing us a song queer" he laughed. The kid stared at him but didn't offer a comeback. "Nah mate, don't" Mark laughed, "he sounds like a bloody banshee" James laughed at the joke and squared up to the kid. "Fight back and we'll let you go" he said, the kid just stared back at James motionless, Rick turned to face us, "do I have to kick this retard in so he'll understand?" we laughed, as Rick turned to face the skinny kid a fist smashed into his nose causing blood to spurt like a faucet. I jumped in arms flailing wildly, the kid just sidestepped me and smacked in the back of the head with a brick he'd found on the floor. I lay there in agony, I could make out the shape of Steve picking the beanpole up in a clinch and Mark running forward and punching him in and around the kidney area. They picked him and dumped him in a heap, his face on the curb, I managed to pull myself up and as Mark went to bring his size 12 down on the back of the kids head I rugby tackled him, we smashed into a wall and collapsed in a heap by the side of the road. ...read more.


He collapsed, clutching himself and screaming in agony. Steve rugby tackled me to the ground. I clawed at his eyes and felt something give under my fingers and he pulled back, clutching his face. I punched him in the throat a second before James came up and kicked me in the head. Blood was pouring out of my nose and ears, he stomped me a couple of times before I staggered to my feet. I ran at him catching him off guard and we fell into a crowd of dustbins that clanged noisily as the fell over, I picked up the cast iron lid of one and beat him over the head with it til he was unconscious. Mark was still whimpering, clutching hold of himself, I punted him in the ribs, he rolled over, his face on the curb, I raised my foot and as I was about to bring it down met Sty's eyes, the one friend who hadn't attacked me. "I didn't want any of this to happen" I said, tears welling up inside me. "I know" he said, "I'm sorry about Luke" I nodded, unable to say anything, we stared at each other for a second and then, with the sounds of police sirens ringing in my ears I turned and walked off. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sam Holdroyd English Coursework ...read more.

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