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Film review. Gattaca is a Science Fiction film about a possible future dystopian world. The movie draws on what it means to be human and the concerns over reproductive technologies which facilitate eugenics

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My own review on the film gattaca There is no gene for the human spirit. Gattaca enters the same category as Contact (1997). Starring Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman and Jude Law Gattaca is a Science Fiction film about a possible future dystopian world. The movie draws on what it means to be human and the concerns over reproductive technologies which facilitate eugenics, and takes the possible consequences of such technological development to the extreme. It also delves into the idea of destiny and the ways it can and does govern lives. This film has been constructed very cleverly with many things having hidden meanings, a perfect example is the title Gattaca in the opening credits the letters GATC are highlighted, these letters are used to label DNA strands. Subtle hints continue throughout the picture. The Gattaccan world is a scary example of a world valuing genetic engineering and eugenics it presents a new kind of discrimination "we've now got discrimination down to a science". ...read more.


Vincent grows up in a society where there is a lot of prejudice against him for being a natural birth, and he is told that he'll never be able to achieve his true dream: to be an astronaut. But Vincent doesn't accept his fate, and when he realizes that he is capable of beating his brother in a swimming race by sheer determination and will, he leaves his family and finds his way into Gattaca, the mission control center for space shuttle launches. Vincent starts off as a janitor, but eventually finds a way to infiltrate the organization. Gattaca conducts regular urine, blood and hair follicle tests to ensure that its people are legitimate - the best and the brightest, not genetic inferiors. Vincent's way around this is to use a "borrowed ladder" - he partners with a man named Jerome who is genetically superior, but who has lost the use of his legs in an accident. (In this world, invalids are also looked down upon, particularly when they're supposed to be genetically superior.) ...read more.


This condition doesn't preclude her from working at Gattaca, but it does prevent her from going into space, no matter how capable she may be. Irene is so mired in the probabilities of death that she believes them. Once she learns what Vincent is, her entire world opens up to a new range of possibilities. This film was written and directed by Andrew Niccol, and it's the only one he's done that's been what I would call "hard sci-fi." His follow-up film, The Truman Show, was also very good, though much softer and less realistic. S1m0ne, a movie about a film producer who creates a complete digital film star, was really lacking in plot development. I never got around to seeing Lord of War or The Terminal, though I'm told it neither has any hint of science fiction. I'm hoping Niccol delivers another film like Gattaca down the road - it's one of the most consistent hard science fiction films I've ever seen, and the fact that it's not based on a book or cribbed from another film makes it all the more appealing ...read more.

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